4 details to decide before hiring a wedding photographer

If you are here it is because you are surely looking for a Photographe mariage aix en Provence. Surely you have realized that a wedding involves a lot of work, and thousands of decisions. Before hiring a good photographer you will have to clarify certain details. This guide to wedding photography tips will help you sort out your ideas, so you can find exactly what you want.

  • All wedding photography has details

Have you seen old wedding photos? The photos of the bride and groom assume rigid positions next to each other, or one sitting and the other standing. As for the bridesmaids, friends and family, they usually pose in a linear fashion, next to each other. However, originality is preferred today and to achieve this you need a fairly agile wedding photographer. Look for photos with dynamic poses, not static, where the personality of the bride and groom and their companions is captured.

  • The edition of the images

Paying attention to editing is one of the most important wedding photography tips we could give you. You may have gotten a top makeup artist for you and your guests, but an unedited photograph is a sugar free cake. Your wedding photographer will have a professional camera, and the professional cameras will take the most beautiful details of your dress. A good photographer nowadays not only takes beautiful photos but also knows how to edit them. He will take care of removing any extra details.

  • The place plays major role

It must be clarified that we are not referring only to the place of the wedding, but the spaces where the other photos will be taken. A wedding photographer who pays attention to detail will offer more than one location to take the photos. The environment plays an important role, not only because of the preparations, but because photography is a play of light. Of course, you will think that everything is solved with the flash, but most photographers look for natural light to elaborate their compositions.

  • The photographer’s availability time

It sounds strange, but not all photographers have the same availability of time. Each photographer has their own way of working, as each couple decides how much they want to have the photographer present. We recommend that you evaluate your photographer’s portfolio and tell him concisely what you want to do. Many photographers charge by the hour, others charge by the package.

Congratulations on your big day and be proud to immortalize it.