4 interesting facts about semi-trucks

Semi-trucks keep our country’s economy going, but how much do you know about them? Here are 4 interesting facts about semi-trucks and cfn cardlock locations.

Why Are They Called “Semis”?

In the United States in 2018, there were around 2.8 Million registered semi-trucks. Semi trucks, also called “tractors,” are actually only the front part of what we commonly think of as semi-trucks.

You can think of these vehicles as being in two parts: The tractor which is driven by a trucker and pulls the second half, the trailer. These trailers are known technically as “semi-trailers” because they cannot be moved without a tractor. The terms “semi” and “semi-truck” grew from there.

How Much Fuel Do They Use at cfn cardlock locations

Trucks may seem like they use a lot of fuel. Most semis come in around 6 miles per gallon, but these vehicles are different than your average vehicle.

For starters, some can haul upwards of 30,000 tons. Advancements have been made in materials and designs that have made semi-trucks more fuel efficient.

Who Drives Them?

Semi-trucks are, no surprises here, driven by truckers! Truckers are specially trained workers that have the qualifications needed to safely operate such large vehicles. In the US, they care required to have a Class A driver’s license. Truckers who want to go further in their career can earn certifications for hauling heavier loads or even hazardous materials—like chemicals and waste.

What About Safety

Anti-airlock brakes have made semi-trucks far safer than they were in the 1970’s. Trucks are actually some of the safest vehicles on the road. Truck drivers are professional and highly skilled. Safety is a requirement for their jobs.