4 Painting Ideas to Redesign your Office Space


Are you one of those people that relies on the look of their office space to define their productivity? If yes, you need to work on a lot. Ideally, we’d recommend keeping the pre-painting facts for office painting sorted before you introduce a new look into the productive space.

Following are a few ideas to consider:

Bright and vibrant colors

Most offices today feature the staple cream or white walls because it makes the area look bigger and more spacious. While we understand the concept, its time to spruce up your working space with some vibrant strokes of color. Sometimes, we exude the energy we are surrounded with. So, it isn’t even a question that we’d recommend you look into the bright and vibrant colors like yellow, orange, brick red, etc.

Maintain the aesthetic

If your office space follows a certain aesthetic, maintaining uniformity in that space is key. You want to ensure that the paint on the walls complement the overall aesthetic. You can’t expect to have bright white furniture and off-shade that with dull and boring white and pastel colors. Sometimes, its important to work with the aesthetic and not against it.

Set up the furniture first

When you are redesigning your office space, we’d recommend selecting your furniture first. This allows you to picture the entire space before you slather tubs of paint on the wall and then regret the whole process later. Also, choose ergonomic and practical furniture instead of random pieces just for the aesthetic.

Add patterns and texture

Plain and boring borings in the office walls can affect people’s productivity, making them less motivated to work around. When you have a space that’s covered in bright colors, patterns, textures and appearance, it uplifts the employees and enables them to work with a lot of zeal and motivation.


Office painting can potentially not just change the look of the space but also elevate the overall user experience. If you are here struggling to decide on the paint or what to do before painting the office, we hope this post gives you a basic rundown of all the steps involved.