4 Reasons to Use a Dual Monitor Setup

You should have a set-up that allows you to be as productive as possible whether you work at home or in an office. Your setup should also be adequate to allow you to do other things such as play games and consume media during your downtime. Research has shown that, at the minimum, you should have a desk that stands at a good height, a comfortable and ergonomic chair, as well as two monitors instead of one. In this article, we will look at the reasons why a dual monitor setup is the best option.

Dual Monitors Reduce Downtime

A dual monitor setup is redundant in itself without having you do a lot of things to ensure you can keep working no matter what. When a monitor breaks down when working or gaming you can just switch to the second monitor to avoid downtime and loss of productivity. You can then get a new monitor wherever you are ready.

It is a Great Option for Gamers

Working is not the only thing people do with their setups as the number of gamers around the world has increased in the last few years. For games, a dual monitor setup allows them to game on one screen while having a chat window or other application open on the second monitor.

The good thing is that if you are using your setup like this, you do not need two high-end monitors. You can choose from a selection of the best 144Hz gaming monitors for your main screen and then get a basic monitor for chat windows and the like.

Having More Space for Better Workflows

You might not notice it but the two seconds or so it takes to switch between windows and applications adds up during the day, and can turn into minutes at the end of the week. A dual monitor setup eliminates the need to switch windows because you can have separate windows open on both monitors.

This effectively doubles the space you have available while also eliminating the need to switch windows. Additionally, dual monitors allow you to drag and drop data, files and folders from one application to the next. This is somewhat challenging if you are trying to move these items from one application to one that is minimized.

They Make Multitasking and Collaboration Easier

Many workflows involve a source of information on one application and a second window where you are working. Having the source of information on a second screen allows you to multitask since you can access it anytime you wish. 

Secondly, having your email or chat application on one monitor and your active application on the main one helps make communication and collaboration easier. You can keep any ideas shared between you and your team on one screen while working on the other.

While you might think it would be a hassle to get a second monitor, the opposite is true. Many people who have switched to two monitors say they find it impossible to work on one due to the myriad of benefits they get from the former.