4 Services a Commercial Refrigeration Company in Melbourne Can Offer

If your business in Melbourne depends on a commercial refrigerator, you’ll need to find a reliable and reputed commercial refrigeration service provider that you can call upon at all times. Since there are many reputed service providers offering commercial refrigeration in Melbourne, choosing one could be difficult. In such a scenario, comparing the services on offer and their respective costs could be a good way to short-list providers and finally take a call. Given below are four services a company offering commercial refrigeration in Melbourne can deliver.

Design and installation of a new refrigeration solution

Whether you need glycol systems or Ammonia Refrigeration for your business needs, your chosen provider can design a solution that meets those needs and even fits your budget nicely. Whether it’s a new system or an addition to your existing refrigeration unit, the experienced engineers and technicians of a reputed commercial refrigeration company can install it correctly and cost-effectively.

Design and installation of freezer/cold rooms

If you need a commercial cold room for storing your vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and flowers at a particular temperature, your refrigeration service provider can get it designed and installed. While short-listing such providers, you should ideally look for those with experience in installing freezer rooms or commercial cold rooms that boast of the highest quality. This way, when you need such services, you can rest assured of getting excellent cooling systems made of the highest-grade materials and built to offer efficient functionality, that too within your budget.   

Upgradation of your existing refrigeration system

If you need retrofits or refurbishments to upgrade your present refrigeration system, your chosen providers that offer Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne should be able to help. Retrofitting may either involve replacing just the refrigerant (along with minimal adjustment to the existing mechanical components) or using new mechanical components like condensers, compressors, and refrigerated cases, among others. Thus, with retrofits, you’ll not only extend your refrigeration system’s life but even reduce the production downtime that would have spelt trouble if you had chosen to change your mechanical components or equipment.

When ordering retrofits from a service provider that offers commercial refrigeration in Melbourne, you’ll need to ensure they are designed to align well with your existing refrigeration system and improve its reliability while meeting the applicable environmental standards.

Other customised services

Different industries have different cooling needs that are unique to their domain. For instance, a pharmaceutical facility may need a cold room meeting the most stringent levels of cold chain compliance for storing its blood products. This is different from a fruit and vegetable market warehouse where different storage rooms at diverse temperatures need specific refrigeration systems to be installed or a fruit storage unit could need to upgrade its ammonia refrigeration unit with a new ammonia condenser. Since all these are diverse needs, you should choose a refrigeration service provider that has experience in the area you need help with.

Your chosen provider of commercial refrigeration in Melbourne should not just offer these services but regular maintenance and emergency repairs too to ensure you can meet all your commercial refrigeration needs under the same roof.