Vaults and safes are a godsend to people who want to secure their belongings from unlawful individuals and unfortunate events. Instead of keeping their treasured possessions inside a shoebox at the back of their closets, they could put their vital documents, pieces of jewellery, and heirloom items in a banker safe.

If you want your facility to have a safety deposit box, you need a competent supplier who could provide you with the most secure chest of lockable drawers. To help you look for a manufacturer, here are the four traits to look for in a trustworthy safety deposit box provider:

1. An Accreditation Or Certification

A safe or vault manufacturer cannot offer products or services without the necessary permits and certifications. These documents can prove that they follow the global safety standards for producing a set of boxes with solid locks. They should also show documents indicating their capabilities to provide vaults and safes legally in Singapore.

2. An Impressive Review Page

Before working with a safety deposit box manufacturer, visit their website and look for their ‘feedback’ page. Doing so will help you learn about the capabilities and reliability of your chosen supplier based on their past customers’ experiences with their products.

3. An Outstanding Vault Or Safe Build

The ideal vault or safe supplier has products that do not easily shatter and break. Their units should withstand extreme temperatures and forces to secure their contents from dangerous incidents. They should be strong enough to endure raging fires, metal saws, and even explosions.

4. An Affordable Line Of Products

The best safety deposit boxes should not be overpriced. Your chosen safe or vault manufacturer should offer their products at prices appropriate to their products’ materials and construction.


Falcon Safe is an impressive safety deposit box supplier that possesses these traits. Visit their website to learn more about their high-quality and durable products.