4 Tree services to carry out in spring

The spring is one of the most beautiful seasons around that brings life, energy, positivity and all-round cheer. It is that time of the year when the weather starts to brighten and the trees around start to blossom properly. Thus the spring provides the perfect opportunity for you to check the health of your trees and look after them so that they grow as well as prosper in the upcoming season of spring.

The trees and plantations in your backyard are vital to your green and clean surroundings. It is important for you to constantly keep checking the health of these plants and trees so that they are always in optimum condition. There should be regular maintenance of the garden and you must carry out the necessary tree services at regular time intervals.

The service to look for in the spring

When it’s the onslaught of spring in your area it is vital that you carry out the essential tree services so that your garden can enjoy the ideal conditions to thrive, blossom and prosper. Here we take a look at 4 tree services to carry out in spring.

Spring cleaning

The cleaning of your backyard before spring hits is important to ensure that your garden is tidy and ready for the blossoming season of the spring. You can use a rake and remove the debris that can be found beneath the plantations and trees. This includes twigs, fruits or leaves because these things can become a source or a catalyst for the fungal growth so you must eliminate them properly using the necessary equipment or tools.

Inspection of shrubs and trees

The winter seasons are particularly harsh on the gardens, trees and the plantations in there. So to prepare for the spring you must do a close inspection of the shrubs and trees to check out for any sort or form of damage that might have been caused to them. If you find that there has been damage then you must either hire the services of a local tree surgeon, also known as an arborist, so that they can inspect and determine the exact corrective course of action that needs to be taken. That could either be the complete removal or other treatment methods.

Growth of leaves

When you are checking the trees or plants you must make sure that the parts of trees that are not coming or transforming into the leaves. This might suggest these parts and so you can then take the necessary action to deal with it.

Checking for diseases and pests

The pests like the caterpillars can be easily removed from the smaller trees with your hand. However, you must lookout for the Oak Processionary moths that can trigger the attacks of asthma and can cause skin rashes and fevers. If there is an infestation of the spider mites or aphids then blasting the garden hose should provide the necessary solution for those pests. However, if there is a persistence of the problem then you must always contact a professional arborist.