5 Advantages of Marriage Counseling for Your Relationship

We often see long or even very short relationships ending up in marriages and we assume it was a happy ending or that they will live happily ever after their marriages. But mostly it is just the opposite. Differences arise and priorities changes and they are compelled to reconsider their decision before it’s too late. Marriage counseling or therapy is considered one of the best ways we can save the marriage.

According to a study three-fourths of people who have opted for marriage counseling believe that they have benefitted from the experience. That’s an interesting statistic because not everyone is willing to put in the effort to make it work well for them.

Marriages counseling is seen as a short term therapy involving both the partners, which helps couples at various stages of their relationship, like premarital, post-marriage, family planning, or when the kids are growing. Couples who have spent time and efforts in marriage counseling have often come out as a happy couple of which benefits or the effects lasted even after years of counseling. So, here are some of the most widely seen benefits of marriage counseling.

Develop A Closer Marriage:

The most sighted reason by a couple on entering a marriage therapy is the reason that they’ve drifted apart. They do not feel that closeness and intimacy, the connection which they shared, and the closeness they have when they first got married. This counseling session reinvigorates the bond of love and makes them open to themselves and their problems, working as a team for a resolution against the problems and not counseling.

Work Toward Healing Old Wounds:

A point comes in a marriage when a couple can’t move forward without overcoming and healing the old wounds or scars which may have been caused by instances of infidelity or other misunderstandings or misgivings. This results in stagnation and then degradation of the marriage turning it into a toxic relationship that affects the life of both partners negatively and adversely.Under the guidance of a skilled therapist or a counselor, a couple can reboot their relationship and restart their relationship afresh with new commitment leaving behind their grudges and anger in the past and move forward a happier and healthier marriage

Learn to Resolve Conflicts as They Happen:

Marriage counseling offers Conflict resolution as it is a means to ends in a marriage where there is repeated instance of aggression or passive aggression and marriage therapists are very skilled in helping us to learn and resolve conflict on our own and overcome the difference before it pushes us apart.For example, we can take Shelley Behr Counselling approach to therapy which is solution-focused. Shelley Behr Richmond BC works with clients to identify their core issues and tries to understand the depth of their life experiences so that she can help them to create a guided goal-centered path. With the help of same, they can tackle future issues too

Become More Supportive of Each Other:

We as individuals seek support and appreciation and often tend to seek it more than from anyone than from our spouses. The bound of marriage offers this unconditional support to each other. Often we get confused not knowing when and how to show our support t our spouses and what in ways to stand beside them. Through marriage counseling, we can learn ways to support them when they need it the most and ask for their support without fear of rejection. Gloria Steinem, an American feminist, journalist, and social-political activist truly quotes, “Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.”

Develop Better Parenting Strategies:

After having a child everything changes forever in the family. As we have to take on a new role i.e. parenting and have to nurture life and pass on the wisdom and experience which we never have. Parenting is directly related to the relationship between parents and can have a profound impact on the life of children. However, parenting comes under family therapy but in marriage therapy, one can also work on how to mesh our parenting styles positively.