5 Amazing Facts About Interior Design Firms in Singapore

Speculations surrounding the interior design industry often hinders people from reaching out to interior design firms for their construction and renovation projects. Myths about the fees being too high or limits on how small or big the project should be can easily sway a prospective client into not hiring a professional designer and do DIY designing. In more ways than one, this often leads to spending more money than one would actually spend with the help of an interior design company. Today, we will share with you some of the lesser-known facts about this industry to get you guided.


The Truth About Interior Design in Singapore

Interior design is the art of utilising elements such as spaces, colours, forms, lines, textures, and more to improve the aesthetics, functionality and efficiency of an interior. As much as it is a form of art, it can also be considered a scientific paradigm due to the logical and psychological reasonings being employed to the task. Interior design firms in Singapore are being hired by homeowners and business owners to either design a bare house or workplace or enhance the design of a given interior space through renovation. Consulting a professional interior design company can give you the following benefits:

  • It can make your home interior a pleasant and cosy space for your whole family and guests.
  • You will be able to maximize the space in your home interior. Thus, if you are living in a small space apartment or condo, you will still have room to move around.
  • It can increase your home’s market value.
  • Enhancing the interior design of your workplace can facilitate smooth workflow and improve productivity.
  • Updating your office interior will make the ambience pleasant for your clients and visitors.
  • Most interior design firms have a network of suppliers that can minimize the cost of materials without compromising the quality.

When you want guaranteed results, you will not want to settle with mere compromise. Consulting an interior design company can be difficult for you, intimidating even, but we can assure you that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your property. We completely understand if you are still having dilemmas. That’s the very reason why we are imparting these facts to you, so you will have an informed perspective about your office or home interior design. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about interior design and the facts behind them.


Interior design Myths and Facts

Interior designers often encounter comments like “Why does your service need to be very expensive?”, “Will it be worth it to have my home designed?”, “I think interior design is only for the rich” or “I want to get your assistance but I will only need to renovate my kitchen”. Most people who are quick to throw these criticisms rarely consult an actual interior designer. Unfortunately, reality claims that most people reject an idea before entertaining it. Hence, to clear these misconceptions, here are some of the myths and facts about the interior design industry.

Myth #1: Interior Design is Only for the Rich

Many believe that interior design or hiring an interior designer to be precise is solely for rich people. Thus, the industry is being branded as a luxury than a necessity. This misconception might have been aligned with the properties being featured in home improvement magazines as being belonged to millionaires. Since people are used to the idea that millionaires are spending way too much money on improving the design of their properties, they started to think that getting an interior design service is only for those who have the luxury to spend big. It further explains why many people thought that interior design services are blatantly expensive.

In reality, interior designers also provide interior design services for small scale projects. You do not need to be very rich to afford the service of an interior designer in Singapore. Most of them will be happy and even challenged to take a project beyond the usual large scale schemes. As a home interior design often solves the problem with space, condo owners are actually one of the most common clients for many interior design firms, further cementing the fact that it is accessible to and must be accessed by all.

Myth #2: One Can DIY Interior Design

As much as we love to have a say in the way we design our property’s interior, doing DIY interior design often lead to more expenses, frustration and poor execution. When you are planning to sell your property someday, it is extra crucial that you hire a professional interior designer instead of relying on DIY. The same goes for when your property’s problem is not just on the aesthetic side but on its functionality.

Doing a DIY office and home interior design is like performing self-medication. It is similar to working out a plan before recognizing and analysing the problems. Your property has needs and requirements that can only be addressed by a learned and experienced eye. You’ll be surprised how designers see every angle of your property and find solutions to make the best interior design they can offer.

Furthermore, DIY interior design has quite a lot of risks. A task as simple as picking a colour scheme for your home can make or break it. In more serious cases, doing DIY interior design might damage your property, especially the walls, floorboards and fittings.

Myth #3: Interior design is Just Decorating

This is one of the most saddening misconceptions about the interior design industry. Interior designers do not merely decorate your home or office. If this is the case, then any designer with an eye for detail can provide the best interior design for your property. This is clearly not the case. In reality, aesthetics is just one of the many aspects interior designers are analysing in their line of work. More than aesthetics, interior designers are planning the layout of the space to provide mobility, space efficiency and a pleasant atmosphere.

Myth #4: Interior Designers Do Not Accept Small Projects

In reality, there is no task too small or too big for an experienced interior design company. Even when you only require a design to update your old and small space kitchen, you can find a reliable interior designer to do just that. Likewise, you can also ask an interior design firm to design your whole workspace from the lobby to the pantry.

Myth #5: Interior Designer’s Plan is Always Final

The best interior design companies will tell you that an interior designer is a good middleman. Most of the time, interior designers are bound to adjust their plans in accordance with the requests of their clients, the availability of materials and the duration of the project. Thus, this stigma about interior designers having all the “say” with regards to your property’s design is entirely a misconception. As a client and owner of the property, your opinion about your office or home interior design matters. Furthermore, the interior designer you hire will most likely ask your input and opinions even when you do not take the first move. For office interior design, designers often consider the brand and company culture when designing the workplace. Thus, it is completely a team effort.

These are just a few of the many misconceptions that discourage people from hiring a reputable interior design company in Singapore. We hope that you find the facts enlightening and that you will be guided on your next renovation project.