5 Best Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer Options for Everyday Use

Like most people, prior to 2020, hand sanitizer was likely one of those items you owned, but never really used. But the boy has things changed this year – who would have thought we would be writing – or reading – articles about hand sanitizer. So here we are collectively living our lives with hand sanitizer as a new daily (sometimes hourly) staple of modern life.

With CDC guidelines for alcohol gel hand sanitizers that are meant for consumer use to prevent the spread of covid-19, requiring an ethyl alcohol content between 60-95% of the entire formula, or isopropyl alcohol content between 70-91%, you must choose carefully what you put on your skin every day.

To help sort this all out we compiled a list of our top 5 Best alcohol gel hand sanitizers for everyday use.

Here are the best gel hand sanitizers:

  1. Best Overall: Tooli Hand Sanitizer Gel
  2. Best Least Expensive: Amazon Brand Solimo Hand Sanitizer
  3. Best Vegan: Hands Clean Hand Sanitizer
  4. Best With CBD: CDB Living Hand Sanitizer Gel
  5. Best Fragrance-Free: Pipette Fragrance-Free Sanitizer Gel

#5 – Pipette Fragrance-Free Sanitizer Gel

We start off with a clean, fragrance-free product, and to focus on the safest product to use every day. The Pipette brand is known for using simple, clean, natural ingredients such as plant-derived glycerin base mixed with a sugar-based moisturizer known as squalene. Outside of the 65% ethyl alcohol for sanitizing, water is the main ingredient in this formula. The Pipette sanitizer gel is an effective, safe, and fragrance-free option.

#4 – Hands Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel

As CBD products are growing in exposure and popularity around the country, we had to include them on this list. Not only is this CBD Living Hand Sanitizer made with quality organic US-grown hemp, mixed with 62% ethyl alcohol, plus Vitamin E and Aloe to moisturize. But with the added CBD ingredients the typical properties of a CBD product can be enjoyed with each use of the sanitizer gel.

#3 – Hands Clean Hand Sanitizer

Hands Clean is the hottest new beauty company sweeping through Hollywood. Plus, all their products are 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free, which is why we wanted to include their moisturizing alcohol gel hand sanitizer. Designed with a mix of 65% ethyl alcohol plus aloe vera and vitamin E. Hands clean will give your hands a boost of hydration while sanitizing.

#2 – Amazon Brand Solimo Hand Sanitizer

Users of the Amazon brand – Solimo Hand Sanitizer – mention its “great value” for the price. Other highlights include its 62 percent alcohol content, which is above the CDC’s recommended 60 percent, but low enough to not be as abrasive as other higher alcohol content products on the market. That trade-off for comfort does come with some reduction in effectiveness, hence the cheaper price point. A solid option, nonetheless.

#1 – Tooli Hand Sanitizer Gel

Tooli Hand Sanitizer Gel is the perfect product to keep you safe and clean while you complete daily tasks. This alcohol gel hand sanitizer exceeds the minimum CDC requirements for a hand hygiene product and is demonstrated to be 99.9% effective against bacteria. Our hand sanitizer is medical grade for use in healthcare, first responder, and educational settings when soap and water are not available. Tooli hand sanitizer is quick-drying, non-sticky, and with a light, a pleasant lemon scent that smells fresh when applying. This has become quite an important factor when choosing a product to use, and any essential worker can surely attest to that. One of the best qualities of this formula is that the Tooli Hand Sanitizer Gel has soothing ingredients added to leave hands feeling soft, moisturized, and nourished. If you looking to buy hand sanitizer gel visit affordableppe.com.