5 best car insurance apps for Android

Almost all the car insurance companies in the market have come up with handy and effective auto insurance apps to cater to their customers. These apps are being updated in such a manner that all users can manage their personal details and perform basic tasks through their smartphones. Most of the top car insurance apps are regularly updated to include the latest features in order to stand out from the other competitors in the market.

Moreover, there has been a rise in development for insurance, loan app, car insurance app and personal finance app which are being made for the Google play store. A lot of android users can download and start using these apps and enjoy the benefits of car insurance at their fingertips. The following are some of the best android apps for car insurance.

  1. Allstate Mobile

Allstate Mobile App is certainly one of the most popular car insurance apps. This finance app allows its customers to do basically everything including bill payment, get roadside assistance, and submit claims through their QuickFoto Claim system and more. There is even a parking locator (in many places) and a gas finder service available. You can view your documents if required. Moreover, they recently rolled their Drivewise system into the official mobile app.

  1. Esurance Mobile

Esurance Mobile has a slowly improving mobile app that can do the basics. You can pay your bill and view your documents through the app. The app also offers services like roadside assistance access, quick views of your policy information, and more. You can also file a claim, update your payment method, and even send photos for claims. The app has a history of being quite buggy for a lot of people but they are definitely still one of the up and coming car insurance apps.

  1. Geico Mobile

Geico Mobile is one of those car insurance apps that support bill payments, viewing your documents, and make edits to your policy. It also includes a chat service for customer service, access to roadside assistance, and it also allows you to file claims. The Geicko mobile app just works really well. It’s also very simple to use and it even has a good material design. You might experience a few bugs in the app, but nothing too serious.

  1. Progressive

The Progressive app has one of the more solid car insurance apps. You can do the usual stuff like pay your bills, edit your policy, and view your documents digitally. The app also lets you manage your other Progressive insurance accounts like renter’s insurance. They offer roadside assistance and have great customer support service. It’s one of the most basic car insurance app on the list so far. It basically depends on what you’re looking for.

  1. Finserv MARKETS App

You can buy a car insurance policy at the Finserv MARKETS App. They provide complete protection of your precious asset against accidents, theft, and loss incurred due to natural and man-made calamities. It’s super easy to file claims and view your documents online. If you plan on switching from your existing insurance plan to Bajaj car insurance, you can transfer up to 50% of the existing NCB. The customer support team is quite active and available at your service 24×7 attending to all your queries.