5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Child Custody Lawyer

According to a report by the United States Census Bureau, there are about 13.5 million single parents in America raising around 22.5 million kids. Going through a divorce or separation when there are underage kids involved can be challenging and stressful. As much as one tends to believe they can fight for child custody without the help of a lawyer, the tension and stress that comes afterward prove otherwise. Finding the best child custody lawyer is not easy but there are a few pitfalls you can avoid while choosing one.

     1.Failure to Spend Enough Time Searching the Right Fit

Filing for child custody comes with so much pressure and all you want to do is have your kid or kids with you away from all the drama. However, if you do not spend enough time looking for a good lawyer, it might cost you a lot of money and even your kid.  Have enough options when you are hiring a lawyer; make sure you have heard what different lawyers have to offer before settling on one.

     2.The Best Child Custody Lawyer Does Not Promise Great Wins at All Times

You are choosing a lawyer to win a case but your lawyer must provide you with logical information. It is important to have a lawyer who tells you when the case is bad and provide you with solutions. If all your lawyer does is promise you a win without looking at the downside parts of the case, you ought to be alarmed.

     3.Making Impulsive Decisions

Family law is one of the greatest complex legal practices due to all emotions that are involved in the process.  The process of child custody can at times make you feel confused and very emotional. When you feel things are not going your way, you find yourself questioning everything including your lawyer. In times like this, you need to take a breath and go back to the drawing board instead of firing your lawyer as most people do. Interchanging lawyers amid court proceedings can compromise your case.

     4.Comparing Your Lawyer With Others

It is important for you to note that no matter how similar custody cases are, they are different in so many ways. Your families are different, the reasons for separation or divorce might be different, and even your lawyers might be different. Comparing your case with others and expecting the same results as they will only stress you more.

     5.Using Price As Grounds for Selecting a Lawyer

Different lawyers charge different fees. When selecting a lawyer, the fee they charge ought not to be the grounds for hiring their services. You have to consider more important things like the strategy they use in solving cases and how best you two can work together.

Filing for child custody and going through the process is stressful and can be exhausting at times. If you are looking for the best child custody lawyer, call Taylor & Lassen Attorneys at Law on (210)625-6540.  Our lawyers are loyal and committed to our client’s law objectives, will offer all the necessary legal advice, and will represent you accordingly in a court of law.