5 Common Symptoms That It Is Time For An Automotive Repair Service

When it comes to Farmington’s automotive problems, various clues can lead you to believe something is wrong. While your car itself is smart, with all the computers and technology, it is usually up to the owner to pay attention to signs of potential issues and decide when to take their vehicle in for service. There are common symptoms that may occur for all automotive makes and models that are signs of problems. If you notice any of these signs, get your vehicle in for automotive repair service.


Should you feel your car vibrating or shaking from one area to another, an automotive repair service trip will be needed. Some common vibrations include steering wheels that bounce back and forth, which means it is time for a wheel alignment, or the gas pedal vibration, indicating a leak in the exhaust.

Fluid Leaks

Your car uses various types of fluid to work. They should never leak if you observe anything dripping from your car and head into your Farmington mechanic for repair service immediately. The liquids your vehicle uses include coolant, gas, engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, differential fluid, and transmission fluid.


Sounds are a common sign there is an issue that requires repair service. Some common noises you are likely to hear are squealing or howling. Squealing while braking usually means worn brake pads or a grinding noise that happens when your transmission shifts, which could indicate your vehicle is low on transmission fluid.


Smell something foul when driving your car through Farmington? Odors can represent various issues that call for automotive repair service. A worn-out clutch will smell like burning paper while a mold in your heater or air conditioning vents will smell like dirty laundry.

Dashboard Light Indicators

Your automobile’s way of telling you it’s in trouble and needs automotive repair service is through dashboard indicator lights. If any of the lights appear, an automotive shop will give you diagnostics and tell what is required for repair. These lights include the ABS light, battery light, oil pressure light, check engine light, TPMS light, and many others.

If you suspect that your car is presenting any of these symptoms, it is best to head over to your nearest Farmington mechanic and get an automotive repair service. Leaving these symptoms unchecked and without proper care can lead to bigger and more expensive repairs in the near future.

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