5 easy ways to improve workplace teamwork

Corporate team building can become challenging to organize. And this happens since the people in your team have different personalities and personal values. So, if you’re asking yourself which are the best ways to encourage teamwork in the office, this article might help you in the long-term. Read on to discover our insights on simple strategies to improve teamwork and communication you can use starting today. 

Office space

The first thing you need to turn your attention to is the office space. Your goal should be emphasizing the need for collaboration and communication among team members. And you can do that by creating a suitable environment for both collaborative and individual work.

Corporate team building

Team building is key to keeping your employees together. And it can even help them work harmoniously even on the most tedious tasks. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make a team building mandatory, since you risk your team to fall apart. Instead, present this as an opportunity to enjoy some time with co-workers outside the working space.

Communication tools

No matter if you have employees that work remotely or not, offering access to professional communication tools is one of the best ways to encourage teamwork in the office. You can use numerous online platforms as a virtual workspace, along with instant messaging apps, to keep everyone up-to-date about a project.

Office culture

Your office culture should focus on diversity. Chances are your employees come from culturally diverse backgrounds. This means that you shouldn’t make them feel like they don’t fit in. Instead, encourage all your employees to adopt a friendly approach by promoting inclusive and supporting workplace diversity.


Excellent teamwork should always be recognized and formally rewarded. Several studies show that up to 70% of employees are more productive when they know their efforts are rewarded. And one of the most efficient ways to encourage teamwork in the office is by offering as a reward an escape room game night session. It will reveal your altruistic behavior, and your team will get the chance to collaborate in a distinct environment. Besides, it is a fun activity that could ease office tension and misunderstandings.


These are the simplest ways to encourage teamwork in the office. And you can see that corporate team building is not the only option. If you use your creativity, you can discover numerous approaches that can contribute to a valuable and professional workplace environment. Of course, don’t forget that your team will use you as an example. So, if you aim to improve their communication and collaboration skills, you should do your best to lead by example.