5 Factors that Affect Wound Healing

Accidents are inevitable in the lives of human beings.  They may cause injuries if you are not lucky enough to escape. Injuries, on the other hand, may cause damage to our bodies. Most injuries are responsible for wounds that a medical expert must treat to avoid complications such as foot ulcers. Suppose you have a wound that requires treatment, a wound care specialist in Tamarac is here to help. The Advanced Foot, Ankle, and Wound Specialists have enough experience to address wound treatments. There are a lot of risks that may happen if you fail to get urgent treatment, such as the wound taking longer to heal, ulcers, or infections that may lead to amputation. The following are some of the conditions affecting wound healing.

Existence of Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases may cause problems in the wound healing process. If you are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, your wounds may take longer to heal. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases have problems with blood flow. Proper wound healing requires sufficient blood flow, which is a restriction to patients suffering from chronic diseases.

If you have a chronic disease and get a wound, visit a wound specialist to get the appropriate treatment to aid in the wound healing process.

Age of the Affected Person

Your age is of great concern when it involves wound healing. Individuals over the age of sixty years experience delays in wound healing. Older people have a low inflammatory response and delays in angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. Low angiogenesis means the migration of cells is lower, which hinders the healing process.

Your collagen synthesis decreases with age. A decrease in collagen synthesis lowers the rate at which scar formation is responsible for the healing of wounds. Older people need immediate treatment by a professional if they get wounds.

Type of Nutrition

Nutrition can be either good or bad. Having bad nutrition compromises the speed at which your wound heals. It would be best if you had your macros in check when you are nursing wounds. If you get wounds, the nutritional requirements will rise to facilitate nutrients that will aid in faster recovery of the wounds. The body breaks down the protein available to provide energy when you are on a caloric deficit.

It is advisable to prioritize your nutritional needs to have your wounds heal faster. Consider getting nutritional advice from a wound expert to be on the right track.

Type of Wound

Large wounds take a longer time to heal compared to smaller wounds.  If you have deeper wounds, they will require medical attention to ensure that healing occurs in the shortest time possible. Injuries may cause large muscle damage that makes a wound take longer to heal.

Repeated Trauma to the Wound

Continuous injury to the same wound causes more damage to the wound. You are expected to take care of the affected part and cover to avoid trauma to the wounded area.

Visit a Wound Care Specialist

 You can avoid further damages by booking an appointment with medical specialists that deal with wounds. Visit Advanced Foot, Ankle, and Wound Specialists to get treatment today.