5 Points To Consider For Your Strength Program

Strength training challenges your muscles everyday with a strong-than-usual counter-force, like lifting a dumbbell, pushing against wall or pulling on a resistance band. Utilizing heavy weights or increasing resistance can make muscle more stronger. This type of exercise improves muscle mass, strengthens bones and tones muscles. It also assist you to maintain the strength you required for regular activities like climbing stairs, rushing for the bus, lifting groceries or rising from a chair.

The ongoing national guidelines for physical activity suggest strengthening exercises for all muscle groups at least twice a week. Here are few considerations for your strength program that you should keep in mind.

Warm up for five to 10 minutes

Before starting your training program, walk or stretch little bit as it is a best way to warm up and cool down your muscles.

Focus on form, not weight

Align your body correctly and stretch smoothly through each exercise. This is one of the few considerations for your strength program. Poor postures can lead to injuries and slow gains. It is mostly suggested by trainers, when beginning with strength training programs, start with no weight or very light weight. Focus on smooth, slow lifts and equally controlled descents while isolating a muscle group.

Keep challenging muscles

According to the exercise, the right weight for you differs. Pick up a weight that tires your muscles while still permitting you to maintain good form. If you think, you will not able to do last two reps, select a lighter weight. When it feels lighter or easy to lift, add weights or another set of repetition to your workout. If you add weight, make sure that you perform all the repetitions with good form and the targeted muscles should feel tired by the last two reps.

Stick with your routine

Working out for all the vital muscles of your body two or three times in a week is ideal. You can also wish to do full-body workout two or three times in a week, or you may break down your strength workout into lower and upper body components. In such case, ensure that you practice each component two or three times a week.

Give muscles time off

Strength training tends to give tiny tears in muscle tissue. These types of tears are not harmful but very important: muscles grow stronger as the tears knit up. Make it a point to always give your muscles at least 48 hours to retrieve before you start with your next strength training program.

It takes months and even years to get your body in a shape as you want. The trainers of zumba gym in Mayur Vihar suggests that doing Zumba can also keep you fit and fine. So, keep patience and achieve what you want as a fitness goal.

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