Singapore funeral services are probably one of the most intimate, solemn, emotional, and rawest occasions a person can attend. As much as possible, guests avoid making a scene in this kind of event; however, it is inevitable, especially if the guests are clueless about funeral etiquette.

Here are the most common etiquette rules guests should observe in Singapore funeral services:

1. Avoid wearing clothes with bright and loud colours.

Choose neutral coloured clothes, such as black, white, or brown. Bright colours, such as red, yellow, and pink, are too eye-catching; furthermore, these colours send messages. For example, yellow may stand for joy– an insensitive message to the grieving and mournful family members.

2. Don’t take pictures or videos.

Documenting the memorial services varies depending on the religious belief. For example, taking photos and videos may be allowed in the Christian funeral service in Singapore.

But regardless of religion, if the family requests privacy, don’t document the service at all.

3. Share fond memories

Instead of saying insensitive messages, such as ‘it is okay’ or ‘the deceased person has gone to a better place’, it is better to share the happy and fond memories of the deceased person. It is more comforting.

As much as possible, keep the message short and simple.

4. Know when to send flowers

It is crucial to know that some religions don’t accept condolence flowers like the Jewish. Christian and Buddhist funeral services in Singapore may welcome flowers as well.

There are two types of flowers you can send in a memorial service: funeral flowers and sympathy flowers.

Funeral flowers are sent to funeral homes, churches, or graves, whereas sympathy flowers are addressed to the bereaved family, bearing messages like ‘our thoughts and prayers are with you.’

5. Don’t bring children.

Don’t bring your children to Christian or Taoist funeral services in Singapore if it is unnecessary. Tantrums could disturb the solemn occasion. If you have your child, sit near the exit to avoid disruption.

Keep Singapore funeral services quiet and calm by following these etiquette rules.

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