5 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Unlike any other business, real estate realtors have marketing and sales skill. They can easily trap you in the wrong deal by showing the positive side of the property. But do not forget that to every positive there is a negative as well.  If the agent is informing you only about the advantages of the property, take it as a signal that the agent is only interested in selling the property and not bothered about your dream.

Although the agent will make you aware of every detail about the property your role is to make some efforts in research and check the relevance of details.

Listen to you Effectively:

Though every business is into lead generation including real estate, in this business huge financial transactions are involved and for many buying a home is a life-time opportunity.

So, you have to be very careful while choosing the right one, you have to judge them by conversing with them and scrutinize whether they are interested in listening to you or not.

Past Record:

Obviously, an experienced agent may have closed more deals as compared to the fresher but it does not mean that the fresher does not have the relevant skills. Even, the fresher can create magic with their ability to search the right property for you.

But for the experienced agent, check the number of property they have sold and in what time frame they closed the deal. Regan McGee founder, chairman, and CEO of Nobul Corporation, a Toronto-based company offers the world’s only open digital marketplace connecting home buyers and sellers to the right real estate agent for them. Nobul platform has all the features like accountability, transparency, choice, and simplicity required in the real estate industry helping people to find the best-suited agent.

Check the Website:

Nowadays, every business has its website no matter if the business is small or large. The website is the reflection of the business. You can find every detail on the website like:

  • What services they are providing?
  • About their satisfied clientele.
  • What’s their expertise level?

Above all, you will come to know a lot of the property listed on their website.  From the website listing, you will have the idea of whether they would be able to serve according to your requirement or not.


Telling only the pros will not do. They have to tell you all other problem the property may have like is there a water drainage problem, how is the water supply at the location, is there any leakage, and whether the daily utility stores are available in proximity or not.

Making you aware of all the information helps in better decision making and also avoid you to regret later in life.

According to Expert Panel, “You should trust your agent to act in your best interest and help you make the right choice in such a large investment.” If you search online, you can easily find plenty of Low 1% commissions real estate agents who will help you with utmost honesty in finding the best home deals.

Time Management and Schedule:

The agent may have a hectic schedule as their role involves a lot of travelling and fieldwork. But to run the business efficiently they have the skills to manage the work according to the client schedule.

A working professional is busy in day to day life. So, the realtor has to schedule the meeting according to the client’s availability.