During summertime, your aircon is your best bud. Naturally, when a thing is frequently on or used, the chances of wearing it out increases each use and over the years. Because of this reason, it is essential to get aircon servicing in Singapore to keep your unit in its tiptop shape and condition. However, as an aircon owner, you may have doubts and questions about your conditioning system.

To help you know aircon general servicingbetter, here is a handy guide of common questions about it.

1.) How often should I have my air conditioning serviced?

Whether you regularly or seldom use your air conditioner, it accumulates dust, dirt, and other contaminants. You should get aircon chemical cleaning services in Singaporeat least four to five times yearly.

2.) Why does my system seem to need more refrigerant each year?

If your AC has leaks, it may be a sign to get aircon maintenance services in Singapore. Leaking refrigerant means the cooling capacity no longer runs, which needs repair.

3.) How can I ensure that my air conditioning unit lasts as long as possible?

The best way to ensure your AC lasts a long period is to have regular aircon servicing in Singapore. You can also help by keeping it free from leaves and debris and avoiding blocking the airways, grills, and ductwork.

4.) How can I reduce energy costs?

Using AC frequently can increase your electricity bills. One good way to do this is to ensure its condition is at its best grade. Do this by getting regular aircon maintenance in Singapore, upgrading energy efficiency consumption, and installing economisers.

5.) I get regular aircon servicing. Does it mean I don’t need to do any chemical wash?

Aircon chemical wash in Singapore helps accumulate the dirt from the evaporator coil and air blower. This service is essential for the areas unable to reach during regular servicing.

Performing regular aircon maintenance services in Singapore is essential to help beat the chances of worn-out and hefty repair expenses. Get this at least twice a year to keep your AC in its best condition.

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