5 Reasons to pursue Higher Education from Russia

Pursuing Higher education like MBBS in Russia or other related Higher education qualifications is one thing every student wants to consider, however, given the comparison between the Russian and Ukrainian education system, one might be interested to question which is better? MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Ukraine? Russia is a country known for its commitment to education and its acceptance of international students, there are many lucrative benefits attached to studying in Russia or acquiring a Higher education thereof.

Therefore, given below are 5 reasons why it is plausible to attain or pursue Higher education like MBBS in Russia.

  1. Cost of Tuition and Accommodation: one of the most concern about study abroad is the issue of tuition and cost of living, however, the Russian society is so designed that the cost of education is less expensive than most universities and cost of accommodation or living for all students are very low and every student can adapt favorably with the way of life in the country. Moreover, you can live in dormitories provided by the university as a foreign student or rent a place outside the university environment. The Russian system allows each student to live freely depending on how much they are willing to spend and offers the best quality of services at low prices.
  2. Global exposure: unlike most foreign and international universities, where the certification is only accepted by some set of universities, MBBS in Russia or any other qualification is widely accepted everywhere in the world, this qualification is an added bonus as the legacy of the country precedes their educational system. Although achieving the same MBBS in Ukraine is also as accepted as with the Russian qualification but the cost of attaining an MBBS qualification in Russia is way lower than when pursuing the MBBS in Ukraine.
  3. Flexibility and Exposure: studying internationally gives exposure beyond the previous scope of view, studying in a country like Russia will provide support towards enlarging cognitive abilities and support building skills necessary for adapting to changes in environments. Also, required in most educational fields is flexibility, either with time, with locations, or with individuals, studying abroad provides the opportunity to learn from a different culture and exhibit fluidity with various occasions. Furthermore, studying in the biggest country is a sure way to achieve broadened and more relevant scope to the cultures and perspectives of various people.
  4. Scholarships and Educational support: Russia is one of the countries that provides support for students to improve their chance of getting employed or adapting to a new community, students pursuing MBBS in Russia enjoy free tutorials and lessons that helps them get prepared for medical exams. Scholarships are available in Russia for all students who can meet up to the requirement either native or foreign, the lack of segregation in Russian education is one other advantage it has over the western educational system. Also, gaining admission into Russian universities is easy and does not even require an entrance exam by the Russian university but an exam performed by your own country to verify your skills and ability.
  5. Infrastructure: This is what most western education lacks, and is responsible for most students having to venture into international universities, well the Russian education, of course, is not lacking in this area as it also provides an effective infrastructure for students either in terms of Teachers, equipment, study tools or building. The Russian educational system is well equipped to provide the best educational support for all students, at all levels, and at all times.

Finally, Most times obtaining a higher education in Russia can be much better than in your native university especially considering the cost and the acceptance of their qualifications.