5 Reasons Why Eating Vegan Cake is Cruelty-free

Humans have to eat every day. And for this reason, we’ve sacrificed the lives of pigs, cows, or chickens to survive daily. As a meat consumer, you may be unaware of the hopeless cries from the slaughterhouse. Every day, they kill millions of animals to supply meat shops or the local groceries. Even if religion, corporations, or the general public have to agree that humans need to kill animals to get their daily nutrition, it’s still illogical and cruel to say: that’s why we have to kill them.

How The Movie “Okja” Can Help You Turn Into Vegan

If you watch the movie Okja, it is about a love between a human and an animal. The animal named Okja is a “super pig” that is a special kind of breeding. The animal, just like in reality, is set to be slaughtered by a big corporation. The movie depicts how human compassion can go a long way. It shows how understanding can give love to animals that people consider as “lower” living beings.

Mija, the owner of Okja, forms a special bond with the animal. Hence, she did everything to save Okja from getting killed. For sure, people who watched the movie have realised that eating meat is about ethical consumerism.

Here’s the deal: can you give up meat and live as a vegan for a cruelty-free lifestyle? You might wonder if it’s possible because you have to give up a lot of food! For instance, if you love cakes, there is a vegan cake delivery in Singapore. If you love meat, there are many substitutes such as tofu, tempeh, lentils, etc.

Yes, you can turn vegan by not giving up your favourite food. So, here’s how you can become like Mija, who fights for animal rights by not giving up your favourite sweets like a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore.


Why Eat Vegan Cakes for Cruelty-free Consumerism

What is veganism? Veganism is a way of living that refrains from taking advantage of animals. Vegans are against animal exploitation, specifically in terms of consumerism. If you have a change of heart and want to be more compassionate towards animals, it is still possible to eat your favourite foods like cake. Fortunately, there is an online cake shop in Singapore that offers vegan cake delivery services. This way, you can satisfy your sweet tooth cruelty-free!

Here are the reasons why eating vegan cakes can promote animal rights.


A More Compassionate Lifestyle

Whether you want it or not, you have to eat every day to survive. Hence, switching to vegan can become a challenge because you need to train yourself to avoid eating meat daily. Making the change can become quite challenging for people who are regular meat-eaters. However, if you have the heart to live a more compassionate lifestyle, you can be 100% vegetarian because of your willingness.

If, for instance, you’re a cake enthusiast, but suddenly you want to become a vegetarian. Well, you can look for a vegan cake delivery that can supply you with your vegan cake choices. Keep in mind that vegan cake has a foundation of compassionate philosophy. So, people who make vegan cakes believe that every animal deserves to live freely, just like human beings.

You Protect the Environment

Do you know that the livestock industry is detrimental to the environment? Most people don’t know that breeding animals can damage the greenhouse, wasteful water usage, and even deforestation.  They force cows, pigs, and chickens to multiply and supply the meat demand of the current society. People thought that poultry animals breed naturally, but farmers force them to gain money for their business.

If you stop supporting meat production, you can end the damage of the livestock industry to the planet. Yes, unfortunately, regular cakes use eggs from chickens. If you like eating cake, you can choose vegan cakes to satisfy your cravings. You can look for a vegan cake delivery in Singapore that can help you eat cakes guilt-free! After all, what’s more good than eating your cake while being compassionate to other animals.

Celebrating Life Cruelty-free

In life, you would celebrate birthdays, weddings, or graduations. Indeed, it’s a happy and celebratory event. However, at what cost can you stay cheerful while they exploit animals for your wedding anniversary cake? With a compassionate heart, you wouldn’t allow this to happen because you can celebrate by sacrificing the lives of other animals.

Fortunately, you can order a birthday cake online in Singapore that is vegan so that you can celebrate cruelty-free while being understanding towards other animals. You can also look for a birthday cake shop in Singapore that offers vegan choices to celebrate your life and other animals’ lives.

Regular and Vegan Cakes Both Tastes Good

You might think that vegan cakes will taste different from regular cakes. However, most bakeshops know how to make vegan cakes taste like typical cakes. You won’t even know how to differentiate them! Most importantly, vegan cakes have no animal byproducts. It means bakers did not make it with cruelty because they used vegan ingredients.

If you want to satisfy your sweet cravings, you can look for a vegan cake delivery in Singapore that can supply your cake needs every time you want to eat them! Also, eating vegan cakes can make you more compassionate because you’re more aware of your impact on other animals.

You Can Make Vegan Cakes Healthier

Well, regular and vegan cakes are the same when it comes to nutritional value. However, you can have healthier options with your vegan cakes. You can use a sugar alternative, spread olive oil, and add some fruits or vegetables. There are many ways you can make vegan cake healthier!

If you want to buy from an online cake shop, make sure you ask them about the ingredients of your cake to know the nutritional value.

Satisfying Sweet Tooth Cruelty-free

Many people like to eat cake, but what’s better is that you’re also aware of your impact on the environment. Yes, you can eat your wedding anniversary cake while being cruelty-free. You can celebrate your birthday while respecting the life of other animals!

For this reason, get your cake from Zee & Elle, an online cake shop in Singapore that offers a vegan cake delivery service. Visit their website to order a birthday cake online now!