5 Reasons Why the Mazda 3 is the Best Small Car Ever Made

Coming in both a sedan and hatchback type, the Mazda 3 is a sleek and modern small car that’s bursting with features. In our opinion, the sedan is the way to go as it edges out the hatch with its classy design style. We’ll be breaking down 5 quick reasons why the Mazda 3 is the best small car ever made. If you’d like to dive a little deeper into the car, we always recommend that you read a full Mazda 3 review and have a test drive before getting ready to make a purchase.

1.  Great Fuel Consumption

The 2.0L, 6-speed petrol engine in the Mazda 3 can give you around 6.2L/100km, perfect for those people looking to get some more mileage out of their car before returning to the pump. The fuel tank is capable of holding a healthy 51L as well.

Mazda also has the nifty iStop system, which operates by shutting the engine off when you are sitting stationary in traffic and will start up again when the cars start moving. This also helps to make sure that the car isn’t guzzling down unnecessary fuel when you’re stuck in the early morning traffic on the freeway.

2.  Smooth Drive

The Mazda 3 is built to deliver a supremely smooth and comfortable driving experience. The car handles very well and the steering offers a nice weight to it, which makes cornering more enjoyable. The torque vectoring system in the 3 helps to smooth out this cornering process, and you’ll notice it deal with the roll quite well as you’re taking a corner.

The compact size of the car helps when navigating around the city as it’s easy to slot into all of those tight car park spaces.

3.  Perfect Family Car

The Mazda 3 has the ability to fit two adults in the front seats and two kids in the front happily. You’ll be pleased with the headroom and legroom that the car provides, as you don’t start to feel cramped as you’re driving around. The sedan model doesn’t have the sloping roofline that hatchbacks have, so it’s a more comfortable ride for taller people who’re sitting in the back.

4.  Incredible Sound Quality

If you’re someone that values sound quality and loves to blast music when you’re driving, the Mazda 3 is calling your name. The Bose 12-speaker sound system is one of the areas in which Mazda has been tirelessly working to improve upon their sound quality. The voice recognition system has also been improved, allowing you to give “one-shot commands” to the car’s guidance system.

The Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity options also come standard across every model of the Mazda 3, giving you even more options for testing out that impressive sound system.

5.  Five-Star ANCAP Safety Rating

The safety features of the Mazda 3 are definitely something that puts this car at the top of its class. The advanced safety tech includes the auto emergency braking system, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. The car also has adaptive LED headlamps which help to increase visibility when driving at lower speeds, and also works to avoid blinding other drivers on high beams.

If you’re in the market for a small car that provides an enjoyable driving experience, with a comfortable cabin, great safety features and at a competitive price point, you definitely need to consider the Mazda 3 and contact Mazda Dealers Perth.