Bicycles are an economical and eco-friendly mode of transport. They don’t emit smoke, keep the cyclist healthy and physically active, don’t need gas or fare, and bring you to your destination fast. But cyclists must be aware of telltale signs of bicycle repair. Otherwise, they may opt for another eco-friendly option— roller blade rental.

Here are the signs that you need to bring your bicycle to a workshop:

1. Unusual noise

Some bicycles have deliberate noise coming from the hub pawls, but if you hear a clicking, squeaking, and clunking, the sound is definitely not from your pawls.

It means your bicycle needs lubrication and a checkup at arepair bicycle shop.

2. Ineffective brakes

Brakes are supposed to stop or slow your bicycle down, you need to go to a bicycle workshop if they are failing to do so. You can find many brake systems in a bicycle shop on the East Coast,such as disc brakes, rim brakes, and V-brakes. If you are unfamiliar with these brakes, better send your bike to a professional bicycle repair shop.

3. Rust

If your bicycle has a rusty chain, rims, and disks, it is better to replace them with newer parts. Rusty bicycles are prone to breakdown and damage.

It is better for you to opt for parts that resist rust or avoid taking your bicycle when wet outdoors.

4. Loose chains

Does your bike chain keep slipping off while on a ride? There are plenty of reasons behind it. It could be misplaced, missing, or whacked bolts, a misaligned rear wheel, or your chain lack lubrication.

A bicycle workshop can determine the cause and perform the repair.

5. Flat tyres

Flat tyres are easy to fix; inflate them, and you are good to go. But if they are constantly deflated, there could be punctures, damaged valve stem, ripped tyres, and inner tube pinchings.

If these signs are present, you better visit a  bicycle workshop.

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