5 Simple Things to Look for When Choosing a Dentist

Picking out the right dentist isn’t as simple as randomly choosing one located nearby. After all, there is much more to consider beyond proximity when deciding who to trust your oral health with. Here are five tips for finding a well-suited dental care provider.

1. Do They Accept Your Insurance?

If insurance is a factor, you’ll want to see accept you type and whether they are in your network and inquire what services they cover. Those without insurance may want to find a provider that offers cash discounts or who offers financial plans or assistance.

2. What Kind of Dentist Do You Need?

Are you looking for a specific kind of dentist? Perhaps you want a family dentist who can see your whole family for preventive dental care such as checkups or minor work as needed. If you have young children, a pediatric specialist may be preferred.

Maybe you need a cosmetic dentist for aesthetic treatments such as veneers or dental implants. There are also cases in which a periodontist, endodontist or maxillofacial surgeon may be required, finding a doctor with strong referrals is best.

3. Do You Feel Comfortable with the Provider?

There’s no replacement for a dentist and staff that make you feel comfortable. Visiting the dentist can be nerve racking enough, so make sure you like the dentist and team working within the office.

4. How Important is a Functional Dentist to You?

Functional dentists run their practices utilizing the most natural methods possible with the goal of considering the wellness of the entire body rather than just oral issues. These dentists sway away from mercury techniques, and also specialize in replacing old mercury fillings with safer resin options.

5. Is Membership to the ADA Essential?

Many individuals prefer a dentist registered with the American Dental Association. If this is important to you and your family, be sure to inquire about their status with the organization or do some research online directly through the ADA website.