5 Things that make German Shepherds The Best Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog, also known as the Alsatian in Great Britain and some parts of Europe rank among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the US and are probably one of the most recognized breeds. German Shepherds or GSD’s serve as the ideal family dog mainly due to their calm nature and caring temperament. They also make wonderful police dogs as they are an intelligent dog breed, picking up on things very easily. As a breed, they are caring, possessing a protective attitude towards their owners. With the right training, they will love, care, and respect their owners, protecting them from foreign intruders.

The following are 5 things that make German shepherd dog breeds the best:

1. They are active dogs

German Shepherds are an extremely high energy breed making for the ideal workout companion! Their love for the outdoors helps to keep their owners fit and healthy enabling an active and upbeat lifestyle. They also have very few health-related risks when kept on a healthy diet with the right amount of exercise. The only concern is about their hip and elbow joints which are avoidable with suitable care.

2. They are adaptable

While at first, it might not seem like it, but German Shepherd dogs are very adaptable and are suited to any lifestyle and living situation. As long as they get plenty of exercise, they can adapt to their owner’s needs. With high levels of energy, they do not get tired soon making them ideal companions for children of all ages. Their loyalty makes them the ideal family dog breed.

3. They are low maintenance

German Shepherds require little to no grooming at all. Their beautiful natural coats can remain that way without any special care, meaning that there is little to no expense for the owner. Contrary to popular belief that German Shepherds come only in black, tan, and brown variants, there are many more, including solid coats of blue and white.

4. They are friendly dogs

It might seem like they are a breed that craves dominance over other animals, but that is not the case. They are social animals that can become quite timid and gentle with other pets making great companions for existing pets. Proper puppy training is essential along with love, care, and respect towards the dog. Ensure that children are not allowed to play with the dog when it is eating.

5. They make great watchdogs

The breed is aloof and sometimes suspicious at times, making them a great watchdog. They tend to trust whoever their owners trust which could make them slightly hostile to newer people in their surroundings. However, exposing them to many situations and people from puppyhood helps them to take new people and circumstances in stride.

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