5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Basement

One of the easiest ways to create more space in a home is by better utilizing the space you already have. Most basements are dark areas where they act as a storage area and not used in everyday living. Remodeling is a cost-effective approach to expand your home’s living room greatly. You can have a guest room, entertainment or recreation room, play space, or a home office. Here are five considerations when remodeling your basement in Salt Lake County.

Decide How to Use Your Space

The absence of light in basements helps set up a home theater or movie room because it is dark. The isolation from the rest of the home creates a great place for noisy activities, such as children playing or musical instrument practicing. Adding a second kitchen during a remodel, even if a small one, is convenient if there is living space because there is access to water and food.

2. Get Help with Design

With spending the time and money on remodeling your home in Salt Lake County, you want to create the best possible design that looks good and is functional. Hiring a professional contractor or designer can help you to get the most out of this project. Careful planning in the beginning stages can help you create an attractive, comfortable, and functional area.

3. Maximize Natural Light

For many reasons, you’ll probably want to add more light to your basement when remodeling in Salt Lake County. You may be able to add new windows or enlarge existing ones. If this is not possible, another option is to dig wells. Window wells can increase the probability of water problems.

4. Brighten by adding artificial light

Basements typically feel like a cave because they are dark and low in the ground. To offset this feeling of being in a dark cave, add indirect lighting when remodeling to reflect from the ceiling. This may open up space and make rooms appear higher than they are. A combination of the up-lighting and traditional recessed lighting will give you the flexibility you need to create various lighting moods.

5. Select the best flooring

Using flooring that doesn’t absorb moisture is best since basements can be easily flooded. For floors, rugs are great because they can be removed, dried, and cleaned if a flood ever occurred.

With considering these design features, you are on your way to remodeling your basement in Salt Lake County. Changing up the space allows you to better utilize your home and the activities you enjoy.

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