5 Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue in Houston, TX

Weddings are a way of proclaiming your love for one another in front of your family and friends. And who says it cannot be done in style! A wedding’s main focus is the location! Location! Location! If you are able to find the perfect location, half of your worries are gone. The perfect wedding venue is a seamless blend of texture, architecture, and class. A perfect venue is also the perfect setup for photographers. 

So, here are some tips that you must consider while looking for the perfect wedding venue:

  1. Venue Capacity: Ideally a wedding venue is decided after finalizing a guest list so that you can choose the place as per the number of people attending. An ideal wedding venue can either be where the wedding and the reception take place. Or they can be in two separate locations depending on how many guests are invited before and after the ceremony. 
  2. Venue Theme: If you want a simple traditional wedding a historic chapel fits the description. If you are planning on a stylish wedding then renting a villa or large estate is sure to make a statement. Nevertheless, any wedding venue must be well equipped and (this cannot be stressed enough) have a lot of bathrooms! Keep a check on the budget as wedding venues are booked in advance and can be pricey. 
  3. Venue Flexibility: When booking a wedding venue, especially a fancy venue, you will be required to place a deposit and cancellation fee. Since wedding venues need to be booked well in advance, finding the right location can be tricky. In such circumstances, it is ideal to always have a backup plan. For any reason, if you cancel on your venue or the venue cancels on you a backup plan saves you from panicking. Find venues that are flexible in their payment options and allow you a reason to make a decision. 
  4. Transportation: If you have booked two separate venues for the wedding and the reception it is wise to hire a transportation service. Transportation services reduce half the stress by taking care of the guests. Out-of-town guests might not find their way and miss out on the wedding or the reception, which can be avoided by hiring a transportation service. Most venues offer this service in their package which is an added bonus. 
  5. Venue Budget: When looking for the perfect wedding venue it is important to set aside a budget. Setting aside a budget helps you to narrow down the options and not waste time. Luxury weddings can also be held in small venues while being on a budget. If you are looking to have the wedding and reception in the same venue look for package deals offered by the management. 

In Conclusion

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