5 Things You Didn’t Know About Smoking a Tobacco Pipe

Smoking tobacco pipes seems like it would be easy, right? You pick up the pipe, put some tobacco in it, light it on fire, and puff away. But there are actually lots of things you might not know about smoking a tobacco pipe—especially if you don’t smoke them very often! Here are five things you didn’t know about smoking a tobacco pipe that will help you get more enjoyment out of your next smoke.


1) Picking the Right Pipe

While tobacco pipes seem simple, many people don’t know that there are different kinds for different kinds of smoking. Many people smoke a tobacco pipe in order to enjoy their favourite blends, but it can be difficult to know where to start with your pipe smoking experience. There are three main types of tobacco pipes: corncob, briar and meerschaum. A corn cob pipe is usually made from a dried out piece of corn cob and is most commonly used by beginners who want to try out pipe smoking for cheap before investing in a high-quality product. 


2) Finding a Good Tobacconist

It’s probably best to find an experienced tobacconist who is open to answering your questions and educating you. Although your local tobacco shop may be where you’d most likely buy tobacco products, it’s usually not where you’ll go when looking for help with choosing which pipe to buy, or when looking for advice on how best to smoke. If you are in an area with no tobacconists, don’t give up—try contacting online stores. Many will not only have quality pipes but also knowledgeable people willing to lend their expertise in tobacco-related matters.


3) Learn to smoke your pipe properly

Before you pick up your pipe and pack it with tobacco, do a little bit of research. This is because there are a few different styles of pipe smoking that can change how you smoke your tobacco. Make sure to know what type of smoker you are going to be so that you can properly prepare for smoking your pipe. Knowing these tips will help ensure that you have a great experience each time you decide to smoke your pipe! This will help to maintain a luxury lifestyle.


4) Humans have been smoking tobacco for thousands of years

archaeologists have unearthed Native American pipes dating back thousands of years. The history of tobacco smoking is long and complex, and we’re still learning about it. 


5) Make sure you have the right equipment

There’s more to pipe smoking than just picking up a pipe and packing some tobacco in. If you’re new to pipe smoking, start by getting your hands on the right equipment. 



It’s safe to say that smoking tobacco out of a pipe is one of life’s finest pleasures. The aroma, taste, and act of pipin’ all meld together in a way that makes for an incredible experience. If you already love smoking out of your pipe, there are still things about it that may surprise you. Whatever your level of expertise with pipe-smoking is, chances are there’s more to learn—and enjoy! Have any questions or thoughts on how to smoke tobacco?