5 tips on choosing your vaping store

Vaping has become very popular in the last decade, so people of all ages are interested in vaping . Since the vaping supplies are often not easily available locally, many people will purchase the e-cigarettes and associated supplies from a Vape Shop. To cater to the increased demand for vaping products, there are many online Vape Shops. However, the quality of the products and customer support of these Vape Stores will vary, so 5 tips to help vaping product buyers choose the right Vape Store are discussed below.

Variety of products

One of the considerations while choosing a vape store is the range of vaping products which are available. Some of the smaller stores will often only have products especially vaping juice from one company available. So buyers will have a limited choice. Companies are now selling vaping juice in a variety of flavors. Vaping juices usually consist of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavor. If the amount of PG is higher, the vape is smoother, and higher amounts of VG produce larger clouds of smoke, better vaping at lower resistance. The vaping juices available vary in the ratio of the PG and VG, so if the store has a wide range of products, it will be easier for the user to find vaping juices with the right PG/VG ratio

Customer reviews

One of the most important considerations while purchasing any product online, especially from a vape store are the customer reviews. Since online buyers usually pay in advance they should only purchase from an online store which supplies the products they promised on time. There are many directories and review websites listing vape stores and the better vape stores will have mainly positive reviews. In case of negative reviews, it is also important to check the feedback from the company to these reviews. In some cases, the product delivered may be damaged , and in these cases, it is important to check how the vape store has handled these complaints, since it reveals the attitude of the store towards their customers. It is advisable to purchase from a vape shop, which values its customers.


If both the stores are similar when other factors are considered, the buyer should also check the popularity of the store, whether it is a well known brand. If the store has invested a lot of time and money in branding, it is likely to value its reputation and will usually try to ensure that the customers are happy, do not complain. The social media channels of the online store are one indication of the popularity of the online store, since popular stores have more followers on social media. Social media will also provide information on the interaction with the customers, whether the store offers good customer support.


The e-cigarettes are fairly complex electronic products, and often the buyer using these products may face a problem using them. So it is advisable to purchase the vaping products from a store whose owner and staff are experienced in using these products. The content of the vape store is one indication of the expertise, if the content is only copied from the manufacturer pages, the owner may not have much experience. In contrast reputed vape stores often have additional information on the products which are listed based on reviews, comments and questions from customers. This will help the customer get better advice on choosing the right vape product, fixing any problem they face.

User interface

Another consideration while choosing an online store is the user interface, how easy it is for a customer to find a vaping product which they require. Most competent vape stores will ensure that the online store is well designed and easy to use. The terms and conditions for customers should be clearly specified, so that customers are not tricked into purchasing products or services they do not require. If the buyer finds it difficult to use the vape store, it is better to avoid it, since the business may not have proper systems in place for executing online orders.Hence the delivery of the items ordered may be delayed or the items may be damaged.


Using the above information, buyers should be able to purchase high quality vaping supplies online at a reasonable price.