5 Types of Water Features for your Home


Ponds are a great water feature to add to the natural feel of your yard. Generally paired with a filtration system and a pump (to keep the water clean), ponds can be customized and designed to match any landscaping theme. Rocks, plants, flowers, insects, frogs, fish, and other wildlife can be added to match or accent the rest of your yard and keep the pond looking natural rather than artificial. Ponds have become increasingly popular over the years, as modern technology has made it so that they require less and less upkeep. If your Utah yard could use a splash of creativity or a serene spot to dwell after a long day, ponds are the best water feature choice for you.

Waterfalls and Waterwalls

Waterfalls and waterwalls provide a tranquil area for meditation, as their constant flow serves as white noise. Waterfalls and wand waterwalls can be constructed with stones, concrete, or fiberglass, making them extremely versatile and easily customizable. Waterfalls pair well with bridges, natural ponds, and other water features. If your yard could use a centerpiece or focus, and you or your child would like a calm place to meditate, waterfalls and waterwalls are the best water features for your Utah home.

Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools are a great, modern alternative to natural ponds. Generally designed in geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, and pentagons, reflecting pools do exactly as their name implies; they reflect. These water features are best positioned near other decorative landscape features such as trees and flowers, as the reflections of these things will be breathtaking. If your Utah yard needs some modern, artistic beauty, consider installing a reflecting pool.


Fountains are probably the most versatile of all water features, as they can be made with all kinds of materials in all shapes and sizes. Many homes have large, traditional water fountains at their center, while other homes have smaller, whimsical fountains scattered about. Fountains go well with ponds and streams and can be adjusted to match any landscaping style. If your Utah home could use a (literal) splash of life, install a fountain or two.


Streams, similar to ponds, are large-scale water features for your home. Streams are complemented well with stones, bridges, and walkways. They can add to the peaceful, whimsical feel of your yard and can be decorated to accent any landscaping theme. Add a stream to your yard if your yard feels bare or dull.

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