5 Ways How To Send Condolences If You Cannot Attend A Funeral

Attending a funeral is ideally one of the best ways to show love and support for someone grieving the death of a loved one. However, there are instances where it is impossible to be there to offer condolences in person. Whether it is due to health reasons or distance, or some other reason that you cannot attend the wake or funeral yourself, here are ways to show your sincere condolences through meaningful sympathy gifts and gestures:

Give Them A Call

Although you cannot be there to offer support and grieve with a loved one in person, a call can be the next best thing. Sometimes all a grieving person needs is just someone to talk to and someone who can listen to them as they try to process their loss. Being that long-distance support system can make all the difference in the world.

Be there for your loved ones as they grieve by offering to be on-call whenever they need someone to talk to.

Send A Condolence Card

If talking on the phone is not possible for one reason or another, writing a personalized condolence card and sending it to the family with your sympathies is a good way to show your support. Families who receive cards will find comfort knowing people from across the country or world remember their dearly departed loved one.

Send A Personalized Sympathy Gift

Sympathy gifts are a great way to remember those who have passed. Gifts such as a personalized dog tag, a remembrance wind chime, keepsake boxes, and many others are heartfelt ways of showing the grieving family that you are thinking of them and the loved one they have lost.

These personalized gifts are items the family can keep for as long as they want as a way to remember the person they lost in the coming years. It can be difficult to process grief, and everyone grieves in different ways. If you cannot be there in person to help them celebrate the life of the one who passed, a remembrance gift makes a beautiful tribute.

Send Food

Whether it is cooked meals or a basket of treats, food is a good way to show sympathy if you cannot be there in person. Often, a grieving person neglects to feed themselves and may even struggle to prepare food for their family. A simple act of sending some food or even pantry staples and groceries for the family can have a big difference.

If possible, write a note that offers your condolences and sympathy, together with the food being delivered to add a personal touch.

Donate To A Charity Of Their Choice

Most people show support or are passionate about one or more charities while they were alive. If this is the case and the family agrees, try to donate to one of the charities the deceased supported. It is an excellent way to keep their passion and memory alive while respecting them after passing.