5 Ways You Can Move From Disabled Dating To A Long, Healthy Relationship


When it comes to challenges in dating, there is hardly any difference when it comes to dating someone with a disability. It is equally difficult. In this busy life, finding the right person is destined to be challenging. However, disable dating is often overlooked. Dating a disabled person is not about some sort of gratification.

A good date can lead to a healthy relationship. So, we bring you five ways you can move from dating to relationship.

Don’t Assume That They Are Delicate

People with disabilities can also be adventurous. Much to your surprise, you might come across a diable person who loves going on a hiking adventure, dinner, movie or music festival. Don’t say something like “can you walk that far”.

That disable person can be a self-sufficient person. The person will tell things that will work and things that will not work. They love normal dating. A person with a disability might also drive and pick you up from your place.

Show Your Willingness To Learn About Disability

You might have some questions to ask about the disability of the person you are dating. A person with a disability understands this. You should ask questions that will help you in learning more about the disability of that person. Learn, so that you can accept that person. Love that person. Don’t think much about the disability of the person. However, it is good to advocate for the rights of a disabled person.

Don’t Feel Different When You Are Dating

Keep things normal and simple. The person you are dating is interested in your real self. You should also try to show your real self. The person with a disability you are dating will be accountable for his or her actions. You will be responsible for your actions. This will help in developing a long and healthy relationship. So, always be normal and keep it simple.

Get Ready To Help With Some Things

When you are dating someone with a disability, keep in mind that a person with a disability might be too afraid of asking for help. If you realize that the person needs help, offer help. You might pick up some of his or her stuff while walking up a mountain during a hiking trip. Or, you can help in making dinner. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to help a person with a disability. That person will ask for help. You can learn.

If you are really interested in a relationship with the disabled person you are dating, don’t overthink. A person with a disability may not appreciate questions like – “will we have any intimacy in the relationship?”

Intimacy is Normal

This is the biggest misconception about dating a person with some disability. Don’t think that there will be no intimacy. When you fall in love, you have emotions and physical attraction. Don’t overthink. A person with a disability also wants to experience everything. People with disabilities know that they have boundaries. Don’t worry. You will be made aware of.

Hope this will help you in developing a healthy relationship after dating. If you are interested in dating a person with a disability, there are many free disabed dating websites you can visit.