5th Birthday Party Ideas

Planning your five-year-old’s birthday party doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s a good idea to start your planning early so you’re not frantically Google-ing the best Perth bouncy castles for hire the weekend before the big day! With sunny days ahead here in WA, why not bring the fun outdoors? Here are a few ideas to help you get the party started.

Pick a theme!

Having a theme is a great way to begin deciding what kinds of decorations, food, and entertainment to have at a birthday party. Let your child be involved in the planning – they will feel so special and excited in the days leading up to the event. Not only is this a great opportunity to bond with your child, but it helps teach them to work well towards a goal (in a fun way)! They might already know exactly what theme they want. If not, you could prompt them by asking what their favourite book or cartoon character is, or suggest ideas based on their current interests. 

Birthday Cake

It’s hardly a birthday without a cake! Whether you decide to make your own or get a custom creation, a birthday cake is a must-have for that special day. A cake that ties into the theme of the party would be the icing on top. Be sure to find out beforehand whether any of the guests are allergic to one or more ingredients that go into a cake. There are plenty of allergy-friendly options that are just as tasty. Alternatively, you could have two smaller cakes to cater to different tastes and dietary requirements if it is within your budget.

Local Attractions

There are plenty of venue options in WA for throwing a kid’s birthday party. Five-year-olds love getting their bodies moving, so think of places that would allow your child and their friends to be active! A trampoline park provides entertainment for both kids and adults, as well as air-conditioning if the weather is forecasted to be too hot for the great outdoors. A picnic at your local playground could be a cozier, budget-friendly option. Look up Perth bouncy castles online for outdoor amusement ideas (i.e. water slides, obstacle courses, themed inflatables) to add to the fun. McDonald’s playgrounds are also a great place to entertain the kids while grown-ups have a snack (or two!).


Kids love surprises – and magicians are full of them! It’s an activity that requires minimal adult supervision while keeping the kids engaged. Some entertainers also come with balloon twisting skills, the squeaky poodles and flowers make great party favours! If your child has a knack for getting up in front of a crowd, why not let them put on a little magic show of their own? You could even DIY a puppet theatre with your child and use soft toys as performers. The little guests might want a turn making their own puppet show, and the theatre doubles as a photo booth! 

Art and Craft 

Let the kids get creative and make something they can bring home. With arts and crafts, keep the activities simple and the instructions easy to follow. The best thing is that the materials don’t have to be expensive – you can use items you already have lying around the house like coloured paper, paint, and vegetables (for stamping!). Make sure to provide safe options (e.g. non-toxic glue and kids’ scissors) and always have an adult supervising the activities. You can easily hop onto Pinterest for craft ideas that suit your theme as well.

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles are sure to keep the kids entertained while the grown-ups kick back (i.e. take a much needed break). It’s unlikely that five-year-olds will want to sit still for very long at a party! So let them get active and work off some of that sugar-fueled energy by hiring a bouncy castle. You could even get one to fit in with the overall theme! You’d be surprised by the wide range of Perth bouncy castles available. Whether you are throwing the party at home or in a public venue, make the most of WA’s beautiful warm weather and have some fun in the sun. Offer guests sunscreen, lots of water, and even misting sprays so everyone stays safe, hydrated, and cool.

Water Fight! 

Speaking of staying cool, a classic backyard pool party would provide hours of fun. As most of the party guests will likely be close to your little one’s age, you could get a kiddie pool and fill it with just enough water for tiny tots to wade in. Or get the adults involved and let everyone take a dip in the big pool! Simply fill some balloons with water or get some plastic water guns to add to the fun. Play some water-based games (e.g. balloon toss, water gun tag, tug-o-war) or throw in a small bouncy castle and let the kids’ imaginations take over. 

No matter how you decide to throw the party, remember that the best gift your child can get is the time you spend with them planning a special day together. Try not to worry about getting things to go exactly as planned and enjoy having fun with your little one – they only turn five once!