6 Habits To Help Stay Motivated With Your Workout Routine

Working out is all about consistency and hard work. You will not see results when you exercise inconsistently, like three times a week and the next month, you will stop going to the gym. The reason people do this is perhaps the lack of motivation and resources.

Or maybe the gym is too far from your home, and you want to stay at home to watch a movie. Due to this, commuting can be a hindrance to your entire workout schedule. So, why not make your home an excellent place to work out? Investing in a cardio machine like a stationary bike will be worth the investment!

Since you won’t need to travel, you can go straight to your workout routine in the comfort of your home. You have the authority when to start, and you do not need to wait for your turn to use the dumbbells from Singapore. And, of course, no one will judge your music choice. You can listen to K-pop songs with the newest release from BLACKPINK Pink Venom, or you can listen to hip-hop songs. You have the freedom!

After setting up your home gym, you can learn some tips to stay consistent with your workout schedule.


 How to Stay Consistent With Your Workout Routine

Seeing results from your workouts will not happen overnight. It can even take months and years before you see abs forming. The key is to be consistent because regular exercise will keep you disciplined and motivated. And you would not know that your body is improving because you enjoy the process.

One way to stay consistent is to build your home gym with the proper equipment like a stationary bike, dumbbells, and kettlebells in Singapore. This way, you do not need to commute to your local gym. So, read how to stay motivated while exercising at home.

1) Schedule Your Workout Routine

Yes, you are a busy person juggling your career, personal, and love life. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and it is difficult for your workout routine. To solve this, plan a schedule for your exercise every day. Perhaps, you can do it in the morning before you start your day or at night after work. Regardless of your schedule, it is better to have a fixed schedule so you can squeeze it into your day.

Plus, working out does not mean you need two hours per day. There are workout programs that require 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise with simple equipment like dumbbells in Singapore. If you stick with this, you can see positive results in your body transformation.

2) Find Your Motivation and Inspiration

There are many reasons why people decide to change their physical fitness level. Some because of health issues, improving confidence or building a better lifestyle. It is better to stick to your inner goal as it can motivate you to achieve your goals. Also, remember that working out is also a mental game. There are days when you feel low energy, while some days you will be energetic. And so you need to push yourself by hitting that stationary bike for your cardio.

You can also look for inspiration from celebrities, models and fitness enthusiasts on social media. These people will motivate you to be like them. And in the future, you will also be confident like your role model.

3) Allocate a Spot for Your Workout Routine

Some Singaporean families live in small condo units. And it is hard to find a place for your workout sessions. If this is the case, pick a day where you can have a room for yourself and also pick a spot where you can install your pull up bar for home and other home equipment. This way, it can inspire you to work out daily. But remember to make the place safe to avoid accidents.

When allocating a spot for your workout, make sure to have enough space where you can jump, roll, and even squat. It is to avoid destroying furniture or decorations. You can also look for space to put on larger equipment like the cardio machine and stationary bike.

4) Prepare Your Workout Plan

When preparing for your workout plan, you must focus on different parts, from the arms, chest, thighs, and glutes to the abs. This way, you can have a well-rounded routine where you can tone your body. Also, remember to balance your exercise with cardio and use weights like kettlebells and dumbbells in Singapore. It is to burn fat and gain muscles. You can see how your body will start to look better and ready for the summer outing!

You can hire fitness instructors to guide your workout routine if you want professional guidance, y. Luckily, many instructors can offer online coaching to help busy people to have a flexible option.

5) Track Your Progress (Every Week)

Tracking your progress is an excellent way to motivate yourself to do better. However, prevent yourself from checking on your body every day as it can pressure you to expect results. You might look in the mirror and obsess over getting the perfect body. No, stop yourself when you are doing this behaviour. When checking on your progress, you can do it weekly. You might feel surprised when you see positive changes in your body along the way.

So, continue your consistency while using your cardio machine and dumbbells for more results. Remember, when you see positive results, you will feel more motivated to track your progress in the long run.

6) Find a Workout That Will Suit You

You can find many workouts, including yoga, HIIT, sports, home workouts, a stationary bike,  and even dancing. The key here is to find a routine that will suit your preference. Do you enjoy doing your exercise? Do you feel excited to do your physical activity? If yes, continue doing it and if not, find a new exercise routine for a better experience.

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