6 Pet Products You Should Get From Wholesale Pet Supplies Distributors In Singapore   

Like humans, pets need some products to take care of themselves. Do humans wash their hair with shampoo? Cats and dogs have shampoos for their fur as well. Humans brush and floss their teeth? Cats and dogs use pet dental care products, too!

New fur parents must familiarise themselves with basic pet care supplies. This article will relay all the essential pet products you need at your wholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore.

Pet Supplies You Need To Get For Your Pet’s Coat

As much as possible, humans want their hair soft, thick, and healthy. They use various shampoos, conditioners, and serums to improve their hair. You may want to do the same with your pets, too! Dog breeds like cocker spaniels, Afghan hounds, and briards are known for their gorgeous locks. Cat breeds such as Maine coons, Birmans, Himalayans, Persian Longhair, and Norwegian Forests are popular for their long hair.

Get these pet coat products from your wholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore:

1. Pet shampoos

Your pets need shampoos to improve their coats! Dogs and cats can’t use human shampoos primarily because these shampoos are too harsh for their fur.

Dog shampoos remove dirt from your dog’s fur and keep them strong and soft. Some have deodorising properties to remove the smell of your dogs. For puppies, there are gentle dog shampoos that don’t hurt the eyes.

On the other hand, cat shampoos maintain the shine of their fur. They also leave the coat smooth and soft. We all know that there are cats that hate water. Dry shampoos for cats clean your pet’s fur and keep it soft and shiny without water.

Can you use dog shampoo for a cat or the other way around? The answer is no, as it will irritate your cats. But some shampoos are safe for both cats and dogs.

Always check the label when buying pet shampoos at your wholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore, or ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

2. Flea and tick spray

Fleas and ticks are parasitic pests that suck blood from your pet. Dark reddish-brown in colour, these parasites have flat bodies and are as small as chilli seeds. They crawl fast and skip a distance.

Fleas and ticks are health risks to your pets. They spread and transmit diseases to their hosts, includingLyme disease and Hepatozoonosis.

Fur parents can remove and kill these parasitic pests using a flea and tick spray on certain parts of your pet’s bodies, such as between their shoulder blades.

There are also other forms offlea and tick spray, such as medication shampoos, powders, and dips.

You can consult your vet on managing fleas and ticks on your pet.

3. Grooming brush

Like humans, cats and dogs need to brush their fur using a grooming brush.

Dogs and cats shed their fur seasonally, so you may see pet fur and dander on your table, couch, floor, and everywhere. Grooming brushes help remove this excess fur from their body without spreading it around the house. The brush entangles clumps of loose hair, which the fur parent can remove easily.

Grooming brush also helps distribute the natural oil and allows the owners to check the condition of their pet’s fur. You can get grooming brushes fromwholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore.

Now that you know the vital pet supplies for your dog and cat’s fur, it is time to learn about the important products for your pet’s dental and bowel needs.

Pet Supplies You Need To Get Pet-Supplies-You-Need-To-Get-For-Your-Pet-s-Dental-And-Bowel-Care

For Your Pet’s Dental And Bowel Care

Dogs and cats chew hard and soft food. There are the softer wet foods and the hard ones, such as bones and raw meat. Like humans, these different food groups affect their dental health and their digestive health.

Here are the pet bowel and dental care products you need to get:

1. Pet toothbrush and toothpaste

Dogs and cats also develop tooth cavities and propagate bacteria in their mouths. But are pet dental care products really necessary? Many think it is unnecessary since many cats and dogs have lived a good life without using them; however, fur parents must be prepared for several consequences.

Cats and dogs may develop gum disease, tooth decay, and infection. They may also have a stinky breath and tartar.

You can buypet dental care productsfromwholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore. You can ask your vet how to use them on your pet properly.

2. Dental rawhide

You might have seen some fake bones sold in your wholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore and asked what they are for? Those are dental rawhide.

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew; it stimulates your dog and alleviates anxiety. Perhaps, your shoes, couch, and tree branches are enough proof for it. Pet owners prevent dogs from chewing anything by giving them something to chew on– the rawhide!

Rawhide can be dangerous, depending on the manufacturer. Manufacturers process animal skin and hide using chemicals to make rawhide. Reputable manufacturers ensure they comply with the standards to guarantee the safety of the rawhide. When rawhides break, the pieces can be a choking hazard for your pets.

Pet owners must be careful when choosing rawhide available from wholesale pet supplies distributors in Singaporefor their pets.

3. Cat and dog probiotics

Probiotics, good bacteria found in yoghurt and sourdough bread, aid good digestion in both humans and animals.

Cat and dog probiotics in Singaporecome in different forms, such as food, treats, pills, and powders.

Feeding your pets probiotics has a ton of benefits. It alleviates digestive issues, including diarrhoea, gas, bloating, upset stomach, and bad breath

You can ask your veterinarian about the appropriate dosage of cat and dog probiotics in Singapore.


Who would have known that humans and animals have the same needs? If you are planning to buy or adopt a dog or cat, make sure you complete these six crucial pet products available at yourwholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore.

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