6 Tips for Making Compliance Training Stick

Compliance is essential to business success. With this, organizations are investing heavily in training. Employee education is a precursor to being a compliant company. Not all training programs, however, will succeed. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the most important things to make compliance training stick!

  • Take in Online

Traditionally, compliance training programs are done in a classroom set-up. While this is still common today, new approaches are also promising. By taking it online, the materials are more accessible. This means that training can happen anytime and anywhere, depending on what is most convenient for the participant. If you need help in the implementation of an online compliance training program, make sure to check out True Office Learning.

  • Make it Relevant

To make compliance training relevant, start with an assessment of the needs of both the employees and the organization. This will provide the framework for the training program. Without this, compliance training will be irrelevant. At the onset, the management should be clear about its purpose, which will provide the necessary direction. If the training is not valuable to the employees, they will not participate.

  • Break It Down

Compliance training can end up overwhelming the participants. When it tries to introduce a lot of concepts within a limited time, employees suffer from information overload. The best way to prevent this is to introduce ideas in nuggets. This is when the concept of microlearning makes sense. It creates learning materials that are usually three to five minutes, which is easier for the participants to comprehend.

  • Inject Humor

Incorporating humor in compliance training is quite tricky. When done right, it will add entertainment value and will make the ideas more memorable. A little laugh won’t hurt! It is a great way to break the ice and encourage active participation. Make them laugh, and it will be easier for them to remember what they are taught.

  • Incorporate Gamification

Gamification engages and motivates learners. This is an excellent way to minimize boredom. By introducing gamification elements in compliance training, it is easier to captive attention and boost retention. This can also improve employee relationships. Challenges, levels, scores, and leaderboards are some of the best ways to gamify compliance training.

  • Ask Help from the Pros

To save money, a lot of businesses might want to do compliance training in-house. While there’s nothing wrong with such, this can make the program ineffective when the organization lacks the expertise. With this, it is crucial to work with experts in compliance training, such as True Office Learning. They help elevate enterprise performance by providing the right online tools. With the help of the pros, it is easier to make sure that you are doing compliance training right!

From taking it online to incorporating gamification, this article talked about some of the most important for compliance training to stick! These are important to yield maximum benefits. Otherwise, compliance training is nothing but a waste of time and money!