6 Tips How To Keep Your Thigh High Stockings Up

Thigh high stockings can elevate your look. Beyond the aesthetic appeal that it gives, this hosiery covers your whole legs and improves blood circulation there. But no matter how great its design and manufacturing quality is, it can still fall down if you don’t prepare enough or wear them correctly.

Here are six tips to make sure your thigh highs remain where they should be.

1. Don’t wear ill-fitting thigh highs – Thigh high stockings are available in different designs and sizes. A typical size chart identifies a pair’s height, weight, and thigh circumference. To make sure that yours has a good fit and will stay up while you wear it, you have to get the size of a stocking that matches legs’ length and thigh’s circumference. This is also vital for your comfort. When you wear ill-fitting thigh highs, it can restrict blood circulation rather than promote it.

2. Understand that there are two main types of thigh highs –  This type of hosiery ends about mid-thigh, unlike pantyhoses that go all the way to your waist. There are two main styles of thigh highs. The conventional style that you see is one that can’t stay up on its own. They have to be worn with a garter belt or with an extra silicone at the top. The other thigh high style is one that won’t fall down even without the belt. This is made of non-slip materials like silicone, nylon, and elastic. Make sure you buy the right style that you want.

3. Avoid wearing applying body lotions on your legs and thighs –  Body lotions and other oil-containing skincare products can keep your thigh highs from clinging onto your thighs and legs. If you can avoid applying those to your legs, avoid it. If you can’t, make sure that your skin has thoroughly absorbed the product before you start wearing your stockings. Moreover, you can add talcum powder between the welt and legs to prevent your thigh highs from falling down.

4. Keep the bands clean after every use –  The ability of your thigh high stockings to stay up also depends on how well you maintain it. After you wear them, don’t forget to wipe the silicone bands to remove sweat, body oils, and other substances. Use a damp cloth for this task. Pay extra attention to your stockings welt so you can enjoy wearing them for a long time. As a practical tip, it’s advisable to own at least two pairs of thigh highs for alternate use.

5. Wear a garter bel – . As mentioned, a garter belt can prevent conventional thigh highs from slipping down your thighs and legs. If you want an extra measure to help your non-traditional thigh highs stay up, you can also wear it together with a garter belt. If anything, adding this belt to the ensemble can make your thigh highs look more stylish and sexier.

6. Look for top-quality stockings in the first place –  Thigh highs are a must-have in women’s wardrobe. And because of it, it only makes sense to invest in pairs that boast premium quality and workmanship. Look for trusted thigh high shops and go over the reviews sent by their customers. Check their size chart to make sure that they can cater to your size. Also, it’s better to choose a shop with good customer service so you won’t have to worry about being left hanging in case you’ll have queries about their products.