6 Top MEP BIM Modelling Software for MEP Designing


With Innovations and technology solutions every task or job is now based on certain clicks and functionalities which ease the overall work at hand. With Alexa hearing commands to Siri adjusting the alarms to selecting dine-in options through few clicks, every system is now software-based. Technology and Software have become a one-stop solution for every discipline or industry one gets into. While the AEC industry is trying to pick on the momentum of innovation and automation, software packages have become a part of every architect, engineer, or contractor. From CAD drafting to Building information modeling to MEP BIM services there is a software dedicated to every role or discipline we talk about. Construction of a building or refurbishment of a monument might sound like one project that involves multiple disciplines and stakeholders and their respective software. In this article, we will check out six of the most used software for MEP designing. 

MEP BIM Modeling Softwares:

We now enlist some of the best and widely used MEP services designing software along with its specific capabilities or unique features that make them stand-out. 

AutoCAD MEP Software: 

It is a discipline-specific software version of the AutoCAD tool for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designers and drafters. The last-minute design changes can be done more adeptly, quickly, and easily due to the software’s intuitive design tools and systems that bring about greater productivity and flexibility. This software automates the monotonous drafting tasks thereby enabling the drafters and designers to generate construction documentation more precisely and speedily. With software’s widely used reliable and authentic DWG technology the collaboration, sharing, and coordination among architects, contractors, and structural engineers become not only easier but better. 

Revit MEP:

Autodesk Revit MEP tool is a BIM software developed by Autodesk for AEC professionals who are in the MEP engineering department. This Software package is robust enough to support dynamic information in intelligent models. This package is used to streamline the overall engineering design process to make the product design and development more efficient. This tool helps to develop better quality MEP systems and reduce the overall risks along with fast-tracking the design and construction through enhanced visualization capabilities. This Revit MEP software helps in building element energy analysis, duct, structural modeling, and more. The electrical or HVAC BIM services design will help with seeing the room color-fill plans visually. 

The Autodesk Revit MEP advanced building systems modeling and layout tools have automatic routing solutions and built-in tools that help with systems optimization and building performance analysis. Data can also be exported to Autodesk Ecotect Analysis and varied other sustainable design applications. 

Some other tools also include HVAC and Electrical System Design, Duct and Pipe System Modelling, Conduit and Cable Tray Modelling, Duct/Pipe Sizing and Pressure Calculators, and Automatic Generation of Construction Drawing. 

MagicCAD for MEP:

This is one of the most widely used BIM solutions for MEP Designing by varied companies spread across 80 different countries around the globe. This tool can be fully integrated with Autodesk’s Revit and AutoCAD platform that makes the designing of MEP BIM models quicker, easier, and accurate. MagicCAD provides a set of powerful modeling sections for each of the MEP disciplines like Mechanical BIM services and allows integrated system calculations. When you design using MagicCAD software there is the availability of designing with over 1,000,000 intelligent manufacturer-verified BIM objects which are from the leading MEP manufacturers. Apart from this with MagicCAD, there is support for many local standards and symbols that make it a unique and international solution. 

Some of the applications of this software are MagicCAD Ventilation, Supports & Hangers, Piping, Schematics, Electrical, and Sprinkler Designer.

Design Capabilities of MagicCAD include: 

  • Advanced Coordination Tools
  • Localized content
  • Extensive library of manufacturer Content
  • Plugins and selection tools
  • Localized standards for integrated engineering calculations
  • Time-saving productivity tools

Trimble Field Points: 

This system is designed for MEP contractors that have to create field layout points in Revit, SketchUp, or AutoCAD for having direct integration with robotic total stations of Trimble. It is a Point Creation Software – Trimble Field Points which ensure field layout points in a BIM coordinated model are precisely placed in the field. 

Design to Construction Trimble Solution: 

  • Field Data Imports: One can streamline roundtrip workflows while importing staked points onto the model. 
  • Point Placements: There is an automatic point insertion mechanism on the Revit family and AutoCAD blocks.
  • Flexible Point Creation: This control points, generate automatic point locations, or insert manual points to streamline the generation of layout data.
  • Custom Reports: For documenting the status specific point or all points within a drawing one can generate reports
  • Direct Integration: One can seamlessly integrate with Trimble FieldLink and any other layout solutions. 


It is a material estimation and tracking system software. With METS one can estimate and track material information needed to build and maintain Bills of Quantities (BoQ), work orders, WBS, and transactions related to the projects. It is an application with all the correct information and tools for material tracking and project estimation. It is truly a web-based application that is built and optimized for MEP contractors by the people who know the business of MEP BIM Modelling services. It is one of the most extensive material management solutions for MEP BIM solutions projects supporting collaboration to accountability for a construction project. This Software is best suitable for HVAC projects, Electrical, fire safety, plumbing, industrial infrastructure, interiors, and cleanroom projects. 

Features / Benefits: 

  • Accurate and Reliable Decision Making: With METS one can perform on-demand analysis to derive project status, deviations reports, etc which guides the team to take reliable and accurate decisions. 
  • Delegation with Authorisation: There is the capability to ‘Delegate with Authorisation’ with METS’s integral systems for extended approval and validations of different processes. One can still retain the control and monitoring of the projects after delegation. 

Design Master Electrical: 

This is an MEP design software that allows one to do calculations and drafting, manage time with calculations, organize files, design, and draft using functions by automating them and much more. 

The different functionalities or features that come with this application are: 

  • One-Line Riser Diagrams
  • Branch Circuit Sizing
  • Fault Calculations 
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Feeder Sizing
  • Arc-Flash Calculations


Having seen some of the most useful and widely used designing software for MEP BIM services we can conclude that while one software might be appealing and appropriate for a project or a team it might be completely ruled out for the other. The selection of utilizing a software package completely relies upon the hands of the MEP contracting company, the client, or the designers and drafters who are more likely to use them.