7 Things You Could Do With Your Empty Beach Block

You may have an empty beach block and are pondering all the different options for the block.

Just like you, many beach block owners wonder what to do with their land. Hence, they leave this piece of prime real-estate lying empty.

Let’s consider some of the options for turning your beach block into a useful and even income-generating lot.

Build your dream home

Ever wanted a house with ocean views? With your vacant beach block, now is the time to turn your dreams to reality.

Granted, custom building your home is stressful, but the prospect of being involved right from the planning to the actual construction can be an exciting experience for most.

However, be sure you have all local building permits and that your plan satisfies building restrictions in the neighbourhood you plan to build.

Use the block as an outdoor storage

This idea is especially helpful if you live in big cities where there is a demand for storage facilities. Outdoor storage can be a great money-spinner for you, and the best part is you can get started without a substantial initial outlay.

Since your lot is a waterfront property, consider transforming it into a storage facility for boats, jet skis and kayaks during the beach-going season and a holding for these items during the winter months.

This way, you ensure a steady stream of patronage and revenue from your lot.

Air Bnb House

Interestingly, you can get started on a tidy, practical home by purchasing an inexpensive home starter kit. An affordable, four-bedroom, two-bathroom style simple home would be an investment.

With little to no effort, you can turn this home into an Air BnB rental. Properties like this by the beach are always in demand.

Build a tiny home

Aussies are known for their big houses, but a new trend is sweeping across the nation – people are beginning to build tiny homes instead of big.

Tiny houses are structures that are 37 square metres or less and are usually fixed on the ground as opposed to tiny houses on wheels which are built on trailers.

Tiny homes have all the features and trappings of a functional permanent home just in a smaller space

Transform into a dog park

Australians love their four-legged family members. More than 62 per cent of Australian homes own pets.

There are an estimated 4.8 million pet dogs in Australia, that’s 24 dogs for every 100 people. This means Australia is among countries in the world with the highest pet ownership.

It is becoming commonplace to see families go everywhere, accompanied by their dogs. The beach is no exception.

It makes sense then to transform your empty beach block into a dog park to cater to these households and their pets. Often beach access can be limited for dog owners but your lot could be an accessible exercise area.

Do a bit of research to see how feasible it might be and how best to run such a facility.

Event rentals

Turn the vacate beach lot into an outdoor event centre. During the sunny months, there are lots of people that would prefer a beachside wedding or reception.

Add in extra services like chairs, tables and marquees rentals to the mix. It may be there is another local company involved in renting out such things and you could work closely with them to widen your customer base.

The best thing is that it does not require too much effort or substantial financial outlay to get started. Ensure your block is well-kept, put out the word about the availability of the lot for events and you are in business.

Use as a parking lot

Though probably not the most exciting idea on the list, it sure beats leaving the block empty.

When people come to the beach to have a nice time, they also want a safe and secured place to park their car.

You can make some money by giving access to these beachgoers with an easy and secure place to park. Ensure you have all the relevant local council approvals and permissions.