7 Tips and Tricks To Prevent Car Lockout


Private vehicles are more than just another mode of transportation. They make their owners’ everyday life to be more comfortable and productive. This is why no one wants to get locked out of their cars. It’s not only inconvenient, but it’s also panic-inducing. Unfortunately, over 4 million motorists in America experience a car lockout every year.

How do you prevent becoming a part of this statistic? We’ve listed down seven must-know tips and tricks for you.

Always lock your vehicle from the outside. To avoid experiencing a vehicle lockout, practice the habit of locking your car from the outside. This means that you should always keep your keys with you until you get out of your vehicle. By being mindful, you can save money — and yourself from getting stressed.

Have spare keys. With careful research, you can find a reputable commercial locksmith where you can have your car keys duplicated. Keeping sets of spare keys is helpful, especially if you’ve previously had an experience of getting yourself locked out of your vehicle. You can keep one set in your office and stash another one in a decreet area outside of your vehicle.

Entrust spare keys to family members and close friends. It’s also a wise idea to hand over spare car keys to the people you trust the most. These could be your partner, family members, and some close friends. In case of a lockout, you can simply call help from the one who is closest to where you are.

Use a key chain — and a bulky one at that. Want to avoid a car lockout? One of the simplest but most helpful ways is to attach your keys to a bulky keychain — one that’s easy to notice if it’s not present in your bag, purse, or pocket. Car owners also recommend getting a durable key chain that would make a sound should you drop it. An alternative to a key chain is a lanyard or a carabiner.

Make sure your keys aren’t broken or worn out. Sometimes, getting locked out of a car is not caused by a lost or a misplaced key. There are instances wherein the culprit is a broken key. Car keys undergo a natural wear-and-tear process over time, especially when they’re not periodically inspected and maintained.

Invest in gadgets. Car lockouts aren’t rare. This is why there are many gadgets that were already introduced to help prevent such a scenario. For instance, there are beepers and alarms that can be attached to car keys. You can sound it off through your smartphone. There are also apps that will help you locate your keys in case you misplace or forget where you last put them.

Keep a contact number of a trusted commercial locksmith. Sometimes, it comes down to pure bad luck or unintentional carelessness that a car owner can get locked out of their vehicle. No matter how many preventive measures you have in place, it’s still safest to keep a contact number of a locksmith on your phone and address book. Just make sure that that locksmith specializes in car lockouts.