7 Waist Training Mistakes You Need To Avoid To Achieve An Hourglass Figure

You’ve probably seen it on a social media influencer’s Instagram feed. Or on that friend of yours who’s keen to achieve an hourglass figure. A waist trainer can be considered a modern-day corset. And as its name implies, it’s an undergarment designed to help you trim down your waistline.

However, waist training can yield no result — and even cause an adverse effect — when not done correctly. To help you out, we’ve compiled seven mistakes people who wear a waist trainer Australia make.

Not accurately measuring their size. As a general rule, you have to select a trainer that’s 4-7 inches smaller if your natural waist is below 38 inches; up to 10 inches smaller if it’s above 38 inches. Ordering a corset that’s smaller than your recommended size can be too uncomfortable to wear. It can also make it difficult for you to breathe.

Not being patient about the results. While wearing a waist trainer has successfully helped many women achieve the body figure they want, bear in mind that their success story didn’t happen overnight. One of the most common mistakes consumers make is wanting to see instant weight loss results — which can only be frustrating.

Not removing your waist trainer when sleeping. Wearing a trainer while asleep is a big no-no. And the biggest reason behind it is that it can lead to back problems. Experts recommend wearing it only around six hours per day on the first week of use, then up to 12 hours on the following week. You shouldn’t also wear them while on you’re period or when you’re pregnant.

Not giving your waist trainer a day off. People who use waist trainers Australia to get that hourglass body shape typically have at least two pieces of this undergarment in their wardrobe. Wearing them alternately can prevent them from getting stretched out. A stretched out trainer won’t be as effective, so make sure you give it a rest.

Not cleaning your waist trainer. Another big no-no for trainers is to have them cleaned using a washing machine. This can damage your trainers’ material and shape. If you want to prolong the life of your corsets, take extra care of them and clean them by hand. Use a moist towel to remove sweat and dirt and then allow them to be air-dried.

Not storing your waist trainer properly. Waist trainers are a great fitness partner when worn correctly. And as such, it only makes sense for these items to be stored properly. Besides, failing to store them at room temperature can also affect their material and shape: Too much exposure to heat can shrink their size.

Not observing proper diet. If you want to achieve a certain body figure, don’t just rely on a waist trainer. You have to pair it up with proper exercise and eating habits. Be careful of the food you take into your body. And when you eat, remember to eat moderately — take note that you should not binge-eat once you remove your trainer in time for your meal.