7 Ways A Singapore Virtual Office Is Perfect For Your Startup Operation

Startups face different challenges. Apart from gaining a footing in their niche and raising funds, they have to deal with many operation-related things on their plate. Where will they locate their headquarters? How about phone and mailing service? If you’re a Singapore startup or an abroad-based business that wants to have a presence in the country’s lucrative economy, setting up a Singapore virtual office can address many of your operation concerns.

Virtual offices are simply an online workspace with an official postal address. Learn how having one can be advantageous for your startup.

It offers the benefits of a traditional office. Despite letting yourself and your staff work from home (or anywhere else), your startup will have a corporate mailing address. You’ll also have a dedicated local telephone number, fax number, and even mailboxes.

It gives your business credibility. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes: Would you buy from a business with no registered address or someone with it? A business address — not just a home or post office address — will establish your startup as a legitimate and credible brand. And if you are to register with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, one of the requirements is having a business address. Investing in a Singapore virtual office is an affordable answer to that.

It saves you money. The cost of renting out an office is huge. And it’s not just a one-off thing. You have to pay utility bills. You have to purchase equipment and make sure that they’re properly maintained. By reducing all these expenses, you can better allocate your funds to promoting and growing your startup.

It keeps your employees productive. Your employees can work remotely and deliver tasks without commuting to and from the office. Eliminating commute time alone can up their productivity level. Having the chance to work where they are most comfortable can boost their performance. Just be sure you have the necessary measures to monitor their work even if you’re all not meeting in person.

It doesn’t limit you from hiring global talents. As a startup, you’d want to work with people with what it takes to help you turn your business ideas into reality. And one great perk of opting for virtual office space is getting to hire top talents from across the globe. You don’t have to let them migrate for work — they can join your team right from where they live.

It allows you to scale cost-effectively. The goal of most startups is to grow, expand, and provide value to more of their target audience. Doing that while keeping up with the costs of having a traditional office can be challenging. You can scale without worrying about paying for additional workspace and office equipment with a virtual office.

It’s actually more environmentally friendly. The Singapore virtual office benefits mentioned above lead to sustainability. Cutting down travel times means less fuel and emissions on your and your staff’s part. Reducing the need for office equipment means less energy consumption as well. You can keep your startup operation growing without having much negative impact on the environment.