7 Ways Choosing The Right Floor Tiles Can Make A Room Look Bigger

Tiles are versatile and make a good addition to any home. They’re easy to clean, cheaper compared to other materials like marble and granite, and can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can also make use of floor tiles to make a small room larger than it actually is. If you have limited space, it’s worth knowing a thing or two about floor tiles so you get maximum return on investment and enjoy every minute that you spend at home.

Here are 7 ways to choose the right floor tiles to make your room look bigger.

1. Go bigger instead of smaller

Floor tiles come in different sizes. You can get them as small as pebbles, or in big slabs. Smaller rooms will benefit from bigger floor tiles as opposed to tiny ones. The bigger tiles give the illusion of more space, not to mention that you use less grout when you go for bigger tiles. Less grout means there are fewer lines going up and down your floor and you get a clear expansive view of your area.

2. Go for lighter colors

People often say that lighter colors tend to make things look bigger and have a light and airy feel. This also holds true for floor tiles. Rooms with limited space can sometimes feel cramped like a cave, but lighter-colored tiles will make things seem bigger.

3. Choose glossy over matte

Similar to paint, you can have a choice between glossy and matte floor tiles. Glossy tiles reflect light better and can add to the airy feeling in a restricted space. Similar to the concept of adding lamps to a room to make it feel larger, having glossy tiles make sure the light bounces off nicely.

4. Coordinate your tile floor with your walls

Whether your walls are made of wood, concrete, or a special patterned wallpaper, you’re sure to find floor tiles that can match their look. Coordinating your floors with your walls gives a seamless look to a small space and makes it feel bigger than it really is.

5. Coordinated with adjacent spaces

You can use floor tiles to connect a small room to an adjacent space and make it feel bigger, as if it’s an extension of the bigger room. This is useful for small rooms with balconies.

6. Go for solid colors or limit colors to two shades

Tiles with solid colors are better for smaller spaces because they make it feel bigger. However, you don’t always have to sacrifice color if you want a little flair at home. Certain designs like checkerboard patterns use multiple colors for the floor, but each tile is still only one color and the overall pattern doesn’t look too busy.

7. If you prefer design, go minimal

Floor tiles with a minimal marble design can add a stylish touch to your room and at the same time, give it the illusion of a larger measurement. Unlike a checkerboard pattern where you’re only making one cohesive pattern on your floor area, you can get tiles with simple designs so your room is jazzed up but feels a lot bigger than it actually is.