8 Interesting Roulette Terms 

Roulette is a popular casino game with origins in France, named after the French word for “little wheel.” After ruling traditional casinos for years, roulette has become an equally sought-after game at online casinos across the world.

The game of online roulette has undergone a huge evolution in terms of new versions of the classic game, as well as new rules and styles getting incorporated.

While you enjoy this highly addictive game, you should know about a few terms associated with roulette, and their meanings. We have tried to cover some of the most interesting ones, however, this is not an exhaustive list.

Biased Wheel

While one might assume that the probability of winning in a game of roulette is equal for all players, it is not the case in a ‘Biased Wheel’. There are various stories about this kind of a roulette wheel where some numbers on the wheel have a higher chance of winning than others. And there have been cases where several players have taken undue advantage of this and recorded huge wins.

Mini Roulette

The traditional roulette wheel has 37 slots (European or French style) or 38 (American style). Some online casinos now offer a game called ‘Mini Roulette’, where there are just 13 slots (0 – 12). This modification has added more excitement to the game, since you have fewer numbers to think about, and feel that your probability of winning would be higher.


Dolly is a marker that tracks the winning digit or slot in a game of American roulette. This interesting term has been named after its doll-like shape. Dolly’s job is to make all players aware of the winning number until all winnings are paid out.

Wheel Clocking 

Wheel Clocking is a testing method to check the roulette wheel, prior to a game. The wheel is checked physically by an expert for defects that might influence the game’s outcome or favour some particular numbers or slots.

La Partage

La Partage means ‘the divide’ in French, and is a special rule in roulette. During La Partage, if the wheel spin comes up with a zero, all the even money bets are divided into half. Subsequently, half of the betting amount is paid out to players who had placed their bets on even numbers. All other players lose their bets.

En Prison

This is a variation of the La Partage rule in roulette and translates to ‘in prison’ in French. If the ball falls on the zero slot, players who have placed even bets will be ‘in prison’ till the next spin. If the next spin throws up an even number, the player wins back his full betting amount. If the spin falls on an odd number, he loses his full bet.


Ficheur is a mechanism to separate different coloured chips from each other in roulette. This is prevalent in American roulette, where each player is dealt multi-coloured chips. This mechanism ensures that the chips do not get mixed and that chips of each colour are readily available before a game.

Neighbour Bet 

A ‘Neighbour Bet’ is a 5-number bet, where you can place bets on 5 consecutive numbers on a roulette wheel. Simply put, you bet on one particular ‘called number’ in the middle and two adjacent numbers on either side. Usually, the minimum betting amount for this kind of a bet would be higher than the table minimum.

To Conclude, Roulette online for real money is such a popular casino game, is constantly evolving. Hence you will get to learn about more and more terms and their significance as you play along. Good luck!