8 Ways to Invite Your Friends To Become Your Groomsmen

They will help you pick your wedding ring and attire, plan your bachelor party, and usher your guests into their seats on your special day. Indeed, groomsmen play many important roles throughout your wedding planning journey. It’s one of the reasons why they deserve to be given unique groomsmen gifts.

But the question is: How do you propose to your friends and invite them to be your groomsmen? This article enumerates eight ways.

Send an invitation card. One of the most common ways there is, sending an invitation card offers flexibility. You can opt for a formal card or a quirky one. You can also personalize it and use wordings that will surely make the recipient answer yes. Pro tip: Deliver it together with unique groomsmen gifts like water bottles or cigar holders.

Record a personalized video invitation. If you don’t want to go the written invitation route, why not try recording a video of yourself personally inviting your friend to be one of your groomsmen. There are also many ways to send it. You can choose email, video card, or a messaging app.

Deliver a food basket to them. Being offered the role of a groomsman entails that someone is special to the groom. If you’re the one inviting, it’s your task to make the gesture more heartfelt: Send the invitation along with a food basket (and/or a wine set). Because, as they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Plan a barbecue party gathering the groomsmen you want to invite. Your potential groomsmen are the very people with whom you want to share crazy boys’ night-outs. As a creative way to propose to your guy friends, you can invite them to a barbecue party (or a poker game night) and play a video inviting them to be your groomsmen.

Host a sporting event. If your clique is more into fitness and sports, then you can resort to inviting them to a related activity. For instance, bike, hiking, or surfing. Towards the end of your event, you can simply gather them together and sincerely ask them to be your groomsmen at your wedding.

Take them to a weekend getaway. Want to go the extra mile? If you have the budget and all of you are available, consider inviting them to a quick trip to the beach or to a camping site (whichever you prefer). For them, it will be a memorable getaway that would mark the beginning of a fulfilling groomsmen experience.

Spice things up and get down on one knee. No matter how you want to invite your potential groomsmen — whether it’s a barbecue night or a beach getaway — you can always spice things up by getting down on one knee and propose to your friends. You can even offer them unique groomsmen gifts while at it, like how you’d offer an engagement ring to your bride. No one can say no to that!

Keep things simple and just ask. The way you invite your friends to be your groomsmen depends on your and their personality. If you’re all simple guys, sometimes, the best option is to casually ask. You’ll be surprised at how quick you can get their sweet-sounding “yes.”