8 Ways To Use Olive Oil For Weight Loss

It is without a doubt that olive oil can help you lose weight. The struggle faced by most people who are trying to lose a couple of pounds is knowing how to incorporate olive oil into their diet properly.

Experiment with salad dressings

One of the more popular ways to use olive oil is on your salad. There is no “one size fits all” recipe for salad dressings, so be sure to experiment with what you like. There are also tons of recipes online that perfectly make use of olive oil’s ability to assist with weight loss.

Use olive oil as a finishing oil

If you have extra virgin olive oil at home, then you can use it as finishing oil, making your dish ridiculously flavorful. You can use olive oil on creamy soups or when cooking meat or fish. Furthermore, you can also mix it into hummus or drizzle the oil onto roasted potatoes.

You can bake with olive oil

Another thing most people tend to neglect when they want to incorporate olive oil into their diet is that you can also bake with it. This practice may seem surprising to most people, but it’s common in most Mediterranean countries. You can use it for olive bread, focaccia, or biscotti. Furthermore, you can also use it when baking dense or moist cakes like muffins, banana bread, brownies, and zucchini bread.

Fry and roast with olive oil

If you’re planning to lose weight, use olive oil as much as possible. Use it when you’re frying eggs or fries or when you’re searing fish or meat. The best part is that this can be used at high temperatures, so there is nothing to worry about.

Know when to substitute fats with olive oil

Here’s a good rule of thumb if you question whether you can use olive oil as a substitute. If you’re using coconut oil, vegetable oil, or butter, you can use olive oil. In fact, olive oil does it better.

Drizzle it on dishes

As mentioned earlier, you can use olive oil as a finishing oil. Depending on the type of oil that you have at home, you actually have an endless list of ways to incorporate olive oil into what you eat daily. You can drizzle olive oil over poached eggs or fried eggs. You can even use it as a dipping oil for your crusty bread.

Mix it into your pasta

Another thing you can do is mix olive oil into your pasta. Whatever pasta you’re planning to make, you can easily use this type of oil to make the dish more tasty and flavorful. You can browse online for several pasta recipes that use olive oil.

Sauté your vegetables with it

If you’re planning to lose weight, make it a habit to sauté your vegetables with olive oil. Remember, the best way to incorporate olive oil into your diet is to add it to recipes as a primary fat source. The possibilities are endless!

It is without a doubt that there are tons of studies proving the ability of olive oil to help with weight loss. Furthermore, it is most beneficial if used in certain ways and amounts.