9 Best Gifts For People Who Love To Cook (Or Just Enjoy Food)

Shopping for a foodie friend doesn’t have to be intimidating or stressful. If you’re unsure of what food or drinks they prefer, take the alternative route and get them items they can use while in the kitchen. There are a ton of personalized kitchen gifts you can browse and order online at different price points depending on what you can afford.

Here are the 9 best gifts you should order for someone who loves to cook.

1. Personalized aprons – Aprons are extremely versatile and would be appreciated by anyone from professional chefs to amateur cooks. They’re great for spills and wiping hands, and protecting clothes from stains or burns. You can also go wild with these personalized kitchen gifts by choosing unique colors and creative designs like logos, pictures, and even slogans. Get an apron for your friend and make them feel right at home in the kitchen.

2. Set of cooking utensils – A proper cook needs the proper tools to work with when they’re whipping up the dish of their dreams. A set of cooking utensils engraved with the person’s name is a personalized kitchen gifts that they will be sure to use every day. Whether it’s a dish as simple as fried eggs to complicated and elaborate meals like a roast with side dishes, the home cook will appreciate you tremendously as they reach for their spatula or spoon.

3. Grilling tools set – If you want to encourage someone to pursue their dreams of being the best griller in town, then a set of their own tools is the perfect personalized kitchen gifts. This way, they don’t have to rummage around in the kitchen whenever they feel the need for a nice barbecue out on the patio with friends and family because they have their own set at the ready.

4. Cutting boards – Another essential item that would make great personalized kitchen gifts is a cutting board. You can get them in different sizes and various materials used for chopping boards like wood, stone or plastic so you can browse and decide which one would suit the cook’s personality best.

5. Serving tray – Trays are super functional in helping you transport food easier and faster, not to mention avoiding major cleanups in case of spills. These personalized kitchen gifts are great for parties, big heavy dishes and can also be useful for solo dinners in front of the TV.

6. Cookie jar – If your friend or family member loves to make big batches of cookies, a sleek and clear cookie jar is just what they need. Get them a cookie jar to make sure that their cookies stay fresh after leaving the oven.

7. Cake pan – If your baker friend is more into cakes and pastries, a personalized cake pan is a perfect vessel for their sweet creations. They can even bring them along on picnics or day trips and appreciate the design that you chose for the lid.

8. Personal trivets – Trivets are like small pieces of framed art that are perfect for people who love to cook. They’re super effective in protecting surfaces from hot pots and can be displayed in the kitchen when not in use.

9. Mason jars – Your budding chef will enjoy their time in the kitchen sipping a cold beverage from their monogrammed mason jar while waiting for the oven timer.