A Better Alternative of Soap

Soap is a daily necessity nowadays as cleansing the body is the major step in everyday life. Instead of using regular soap, there is one other way, which is using whipped soap which will be like a foaming body butter.

Preparing whipped soap is not at all difficult. People who have no experience can also do this as this involves very few steps.

All that is required are a whipped soap base and the ingredients which will be good for the skin and also have a good fragrance.

Steps to prepare a whipped soap

  • First, prepare the place where the setup will be placed. Clean all the utensils and sanitize them and dry them regularly.
  • Take the required foaming base and beat that on a medium to medium-high speed for one full minute. The whipped soap base should look like whipped cream.
  • Add required fragrance by adding fragrance oils depending on the person’s taste.
  • Add required color by adding 2 to 4 drops of soap dye of interesting color into the whipped soap base.
  • Again, beat the base on high for three minutes till the volume becomes fluffy and double to the initial volume.
  • When the final result is satisfying, pack the mixture and place it in the necessary container by using a piping bag.

Benefits of the whipped soap

There are many more uses when coming to whipped soap than normal soap. Few of them include

  • The soap that is prepared by following the above process will be used for both face and the body.
  • This whipped soap will be useful for all skin types as it has butter in it.
  • This soap is particularly good for people having dry skin.
  • This soap can be stored for up to 12 months and can be used for that time period if stored in a cool and ventilated place.

Few facts to learn about whipped soap

  • To make the best-whipped soap it is mandatory to choose the correct essential oils.
  • If hard oils like shea butter, palm shortening, and soft oils like grapeseed oil and olive oil are added, the soap will hold the required shape.

What is whipped soap?

As explained above whipped soap is nothing but a buttery soap that has been whipped on top of a base along with color, fragrance, and oils. These oils define the benefits and purposes of the types of oils.

How can people use this?

Whipped soap can be used in many ways instead of just for the face or body. Some of the versatile ways soap can be used include

  1. As a Hand soap
  2. As a bath or shower soap
  3. As a shaving cream


Whipped soap can be used as a shaving cream as well. Take small portions with fingers and apply water to produce lather. As there is butter in this it is best used as a shaving cream.

The whipped soap base can be mixed using a handheld mixer or can be done by using a beater according to the steps explained above.