A Career in Philanthropy – Art of Giving & Receiving

Philanthropy work not only helps the community but also benefits you. If you are passionate to help your community in making their life much better then giving back is the best option. It is not necessary that you need to give only money, anything that you think can be useful for others, you can donate that. Giving back things that are of no use to you like books, furniture, food, or clothes are the best options to help others who are in deep need. Anson Funds is an investment management firm that invests in companies engaging in publicly-traded equity and debt securities. Currently, Anson Funds Management L.P.’s portfolio is worth at least $769 million.

Here are some values of a career in philanthropy:

Increase employee engagement and productivity:

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation,” said Mary Ritter Beard, an American historian, author, women’s suffrage activist, and women’s history archivist who was also a lifelong advocate of social justice.

Employees who are searching for new jobs are mainly attracted to the companies that give back to their community. More than 75% of employees believe that companies who give back to the community will take care of their employees too. Also, philanthropy work encourages employees to stay loyal to the business and work hard to improve the growth of the business.

Improve brand awareness and reputation:

If you are passionate to help and support your community through your business then it will offer you more loyal customers. When people see that your business is working hard to improve the lives of people who are in deep need then this will improve the reputation of your business along with the brand image. When you have a good business image then more new customers and clients will try to connect with your business to support you in your cause.

Attract top talents:

Philanthropy work through your business can help to attract more skilled and talented employees. With the change in time, employees have understood that businesses that help their community in making their lives better can also help their employees to achieve better career growth. Employees will eagerly participate in different volunteering work that the business offers to help the business achieve its goal.

Tax deduction:

A tax deduction is one of the best benefits of giving back to the community. When you donate to a charity or a non-profit organization than as a token of appreciation, the government offers you a tax deduction on your every donation. This means the more you donate, the greater tax deduction you will get. But to achieve the benefits of tax deduction, you need to follow some guidelines provided by the government.