A comparison between Wall to wall Carpet and Carpet Tiles


Carpet tiles and wall to wall carpets both are quite popular trend for flooring. They serve almost the same aim. To give your floor a smooth, comforting and stylish look. Then the question is which one is better for our flooring needs. The article is a brief guide about the pros and cons if both flooring types and a comparison between them. I hope it will help you decide better which one to select. Let’s start the comparison from the beginning, i.e., the definition

Carpet tiles or modular carpet tiles are small swatches of carpet attached with tiles. They are often found pre-backed that’s why easy to install. Carpet squares are fixed wall to wall and available in different sizes and styles.

Wall to wall carpets as referred by name is a type of carpeting on large scale patterns or designs of customer choice. They usually given an extra touch of quality and softness. You might feel when you walk on the carpet, and it also provides a smooth look to the floor, which is seamless and beautiful.

  • Installation:

Wall to wall carpets or broadloom carpets are manufacture in big and wide rolls. Manufacturer comes with different baking options like few of the broadloom carpets come with pre-baking that allows it to install in a room immediately. One thing which is crucial to know about this type of carpeting is that – they are not wall to wall carpets. They also come in different sizes and might not cover all the area. On the other hand, coming towards its installation, the wall-to-wall carpets are difficult to install, and you might find them expensive as compare to carpet tiles. Problems increase when you select a custom design because they might not give your room an exact seamless finish. You may also have to limit your imagination in this case.

Carpet Tiles – Modular tiles: On the other hand, carpet tiles are available in different sizes and styles. Before few years they were available in rectangular and square shapes; that’s why they were also called square tiles or square carpets. But now they are available in any form you want. Moreover, with the dying technology, you can buy a carpet tile in any color and designs you want. Carpet Tiles are generally available pre backed so the installation is effortless and sometimes you can install it yourself.

  • More waste:

Wall to wall carpets is more prone to leave a heap of waste then carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are mostly customized and available in sizes and shapes. So they get fit in corners and give your room a beautiful finish. On the other hand, wall to wall carpet takes like hours and hours of the installation procedure. And to get it fit in every corner and give a seamless look, may involve lots of cutting and adjustments; which is bound to heap of waste left behind.


  • Cost-effectiveness:

There is no doubt that carpet tiles are much more cost-effective than wall to wall carpet. From the beginning wall to wall carpets are expensive from modular tiles. First, it takes time much more than tiles. They are only manufactured in wide pieces, so transportation services are charged. After that, the installation involves lots of time and waste – of course; it requires service charges for days of work. Carpet tiles are easy to handle. Transport is not an issue as they are available in small sizes. Installation does not involve hours, and service charges are saved as it is a matter of an hour or two. You can even save that money by installing yourself.

  • Comfort:

Wall to wall carpets might be challenging to install and leave lots of waste. But there is no doubt that they provide extra comfort in comparison to carpet tiles. Moreover, they provide seamless finish no matter what and tiles don’t have that quality. Wall to wall carpets are preferred in high-end projects due to their added durability and comfort.


Both Carpet tiles and wall to wall carpets have their pros and cons, but all of them are ignorable. If selected wisely, they will prove to be the best choice.